Fast and easy to leave the founder of the two domain name communication website can not visit

renamed Chinese ( in July 15th, it is reported that Yi Xun network founder and CEO Bu Guangqi Yi Xun has left the network still maintain independent operation. However, after the Jingdong is fast and easy, such as the Department of Tencent electricity supplier launched the two domain name has been unable to visit.

figure: easy fast network home page

in March this year, Tencent and Jingdong announced cooperation, easy fast network and Jingdong integration. However, due to the two are electronic business platform, a high degree of coincidence, part of the supply chain can be integrated into one. Although the Jingdong is no layoffs or pay cuts, but there are still many employees choose to leave. July, easy fast network announcement, said the future will focus on communications, IT digital and other fields, to adjust the revision.

in order to better communicate with the Department of Tencent electricity supplier staff, research staff intentions, Jingdong will be launched after the integration of the two domain name communication website. However, as of press time ago, the site has been unable to open the page, there are more news that some employees fast and easy to come to work every day, playing a card to go home".

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