Pan Xinping Alipay Pro extends to the commodity trading credit construction

May 8th, entitled "crossed the threshold of network integrity – integrity transformation of small and medium enterprises seminar held in Beijing, the integrity of the network transformation and the small and medium-sized enterprises as the theme of the seminar attracted people’s Bank, the Ministry of Commerce China Information Division, national development and Reform Commission Information Center officials and electronic commerce, the financial sector nearly 30 senior experts the participation of scholars.

, Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. vice president Qiu Changheng said, China’s first e-commerce credit system during the year is expected to emerge, it is reported that this system will be fully covered by small and medium-sized businesses and individual users.

currently, Alipay established the credit system in the field of electronic commerce has a large number of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and micro enterprises "blood transfusion". Zhejiang, Jiaxing, wheat bags to benefit from the network integrity, from the original to do foreign trade OEM annual sales of 5 million to now only online trading volume over ten million. Hunan Taobao sellers have jade through the integrity of the seller’s credit provided on the basis of the data bank of China Construction Bank, breaking the bottleneck of funds, trading volume increased by nearly 7 million.

Vice president, Institute of computing and communication engineering

Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences director of the financial research center of science and technology Pan Xinping said at the meeting, the current and actual use of the most of the credit system, basically they exist in financial transactions, is to assess the willingness of financial transactions of the performance and the ability to perform, but they do not include the commodity trading, not more including between two people talking, promised credit.

in real life, in the commodity trading process because of fraud, dishonesty arising from the transaction disputes are common, for consumers, this is a kind of information asymmetry caused by unfair trading. Pan Xinping said: "Alipay of the third party payment companies are doing is actually the commodity trading credit construction, which is extended from the financial transactions to the commodity trading credit, compared to the existing credit system, it is an effective supplement of innovation."

It is reported that

, Alipay to build the Internet credit system that emboldened the massive amounts of data accumulated in the past few years. At the end of February 2009, Alipay users reached 150 million, the number of transactions per day peak reached 4 million, the company accumulated in the forefront of the domestic database size in all databases. This allows the company to establish a credit system to go beyond the existing transaction evaluation system, promote the integrity of the Internet from the original simple scoring and qualitative evaluation, to a more scientific and rigorous model analysis.

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