Net economy will be more scary than ZARA

– "Red Net" and "Reds", generalized Reds refers to this type of crowd self brand, IP; narrow red and white Formica model, is the campus belle.

has the property of strong grassroots reds, interact with the fans is essential skills. Many people spent at least two or three hours every day to interact with the fans.

– not the awl face will become red net, see more than 1 thousand fashion photographs of Zhang Dayi every day, every day recorded three live games on clothing style.

– Zara more than the electricity supplier Red Terror, fans of the customized manufacturing place more than fast fashion, fans and even participate in product design process.

Chen Lei (nickname: Wen Zhong) is a Alibaba group product director, mainly responsible for the group’s Alibaba, Master reds, Amoy girl, love shopping, partial C business last year, red net economic rise, also let Chen radium Master product line more attention.

in March 2nd 2016, commercial service summit Alibaba on the ecological group, Chen Lei published the theme of "new economy" business: the Reds detonated fans speech, which mentioned, Zara, H& M and other fast fashion clothing brand, has always been known for a small variety, low inventory fast fashion business model; however, the "Reds" the ratio of fast fashion faster and more fit, services, interactive fans have more response tailored, what future Reds economic development prospects, it is worthy of close observation.


Alibaba wireless division director Chen Lei (flower name: Wen Zhong)

the following speech for Wen Zhong, the "world network operators" arrangement:

We are talking about the "network economy" red

now, but in my opinion, the network will differ in the red and red concept. The Reds are generalized from the brand, is this kind of crowd of IP; narrow the Reds, it can come from three kinds of models, and the white Formica, campus belle. Simply put, that is, she has a sense of value, has its own particular style, influential, can become a leader in the field of opinion.

Reds identity

is very complicated, can be an actor, star, red net. For example, Jing Chai’s documentary "under the sky" after the conference, Taobao search volume masks in the sharp rise. When we go to see the identity of Jing Chai, she is the star is not wrong, but from our perspective, Jing Chai is the reds.

as many stars and celebrities, will sell things in Taobao, will advertise goods in micro-blog. For example, Zhao Wei Yao Ming in the Taobao liquor, Yang Lan and Xu Jinglei sell sell jewelry accessories, Jimmy Lin sell bags, Li Xiaolu with daughter small sweet hope to sell children.

and now many Reds will also take part in various variety shows, in Ali pictures, other studios, film, reds in the occupation of the identity value enjoyed by the stars. Now the Reds and the star boundaries are increasingly blurred.

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