Analysis of the factors of non electricity supplier network business electricity supplier genes

both Baidu and Tencent, or major portals and social networking sites, these sites have incomparable flow of loyalty, but without exception in the electricity industry is basically on the list with broken halberds defeat, these Internet companies engaged in electricity supplier is not a successful case, once the Tencent seems to be very close, have a certain the challenge for the Alibaba, but with the continuous development of Taobao, Tencent and Baidu have been on Taobao to kill completely routed, now only pat still lingered.

of China’s electricity supplier came to those non internet companies no color in the field of electronic business, foreign Internet companies seem to have faced the same dilemma, Facebook shortly before the closure of its gift store, virtual gifts to sell on the Internet card, while Google didn’t want to move electricity supplier. This shows that non business Internet companies for business operation lack of ability, so what is the cause of these Internet companies do business the authentic


commercial gene deletion is the main cause of

Our analysis of these non

business enterprise from Internet giants, although one holds a large number of traffic advantages, but these advantages can not let these users into purchasing power, even if there is a desire to purchase, then the relevant logistics and consulting services, after-sales service can not keep up with the needs of users, how can allow users to buy the rest assured? To know when the user on your site, how can not just look at this website function, more often need from customer service service and safety and convenient logistics to provide these advantages in these non electricity network giants who can not see.

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is now also do business just passable Tencent, still do not have their own logistics system, while the Alibaba’s rookie program is the exception of intelligent logistics planning, logistics system of Jingdong is currently the most perfect system, can provide day delivery service, which is sufficient to those non seckill the Internet business enterprise, even Su ningyun Tesco also because offline stores rich, for the logistics of the control is in place, so as to effectively provide online and offline combined service experience.


has the advantage of the traditional business enterprise, these non electricity providers, Internet giants are not only trying to break through, still fantasy rely on their technical ability, by virtue of technical services to win, so using a variety of screening methods, but lead to the user’s resentment, only good service experience can effectively improve the user power consumption, but the origin of the technology engineers, which have those willing to do things on the bartender, so do not become the norm.

electricity supplier attraction is strong, non electricity supplier network giant can not bear to cut

relative to these non electric network giants, although business operations fail very much, but for the beginning of "xiangbobo

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