Tencent new business platform QQ online shopping on-line operation in October 11th

September 22nd, Tencent new business platform QQ online shopping will be formally launched on October 11th.

is reported that, at present, QQ online shopping domain name buy.qq.com has access, the page shows, QQ online shopping will be on-line in October 11th.

through, according to official information Tencent, users subscribe to QQ online shopping discount information can get 5 yuan coupons, at the same time, after the opening of the QQ online shopping in addition to the supermarket commodity network free of charge, but also supports cash on delivery.

according to sources, in addition to fast and easy, good music to buy and Kelan diamond, Dangdang, shop No. 1, we may first settled in QQ online shopping.

According to the official

QQ group purchase micro-blog disclosure, the QQ online shopping is to develop a detailed access standard, ensure to provide users of goods, what is the best service, will provide quality for customers, reduce the cost of marketing partners. Access standard system to be announced in the near future.

said the day before yesterday, Tencent, Tencent supplier super platform named "QQ online shopping", the domain name is not prior to industry speculation taotao.com, at present, the Tencent chose two level domain name buy.qq.com. At the same time, the new home of Tencent this new business platform also outflow.

QQ is the current online shopping category franchise mode of operation, in 3C, sports shoes, bags, cosmetics, clothing, daily necessities and other jewelry category with a core of B2C exclusive cooperation, let a B2C operate independently of a category. In the QQ online shopping, B2C companies can completely retain their own enterprise LOGO, the picture can be printed on the site with their own watermark.

in August this year, Wu Xiaoguang, senior executive vice president of Tencent Inc, said the fourth quarter of this year, Tencent will launch a series of e-commerce platform for open products. Wu Xiaoguang said that Tencent’s e-commerce platform for open products including one-stop e-commerce platform, Social Shop and wireless business platform. Among them, a one-stop platform for electronic business model for B2B2C, and Social Shop is a friend to enhance the electricity supplier conversion rate through Tencent.

it is worth noting that, in September 19th, Taobao officially announced the opening of the B2C platform, and with the 1st shop, good music to buy, music Amoy, intime network, such as 38 B2C cooperation. Meanwhile, Taobao mall President Zhang Yong also said in an interview, it is possible to cooperate with Amazon, Dangdang and other integrated B2C.

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