Baidu has ah mall will turn off the data transferred to music cool days


technology news yesterday, Baidu’s C2C business to Baidu have released the company adjusted announcement, said today will start ah mall business of Baidu, a month from the date of issuance, ah shopping platform goods store, transaction related functions will be closed, the mall will have a business Baidu plans to transfer to the cool days, Yao point 100 other partners. However, Baidu has a life information platform, ah ah life will continue to provide services. The industry believes that this means that 3 years have been put forward to beat Taobao’s Baidu C2C e-commerce business completely ended in failure, will focus on B2C e-commerce model.

merchant transfer enjoy preferential

Baidu has ah yesterday afternoon issued a "notice", "business restructuring ah ah" and "notice to buyers, sellers to notice", according to the announcement, the shopping platform, commodity shop, transaction related function after a month will be closed. Baidu has suggested that the store as soon as possible to withdraw important information from the store, the shelves of goods. To deal with the aftermath of the business, Baidu proposed to transfer music cool days, Yao point 100 other partners. Announcement shows that there are certification flagship store, enterprise certification merchants settled music cool days will be given a margin of 10000 yuan, real-time technical service fee waiver of preferential policies.

yesterday, cool days relevant responsible person said, Baidu has ah buyers can click to use the original Baidu user ID and password to log in directly activate the cool days of the user account, you can use the cool days of mall purchase service.

research and development of new business platform

Yes the relevant responsible person said Baidu has ah

, shopping platform closed, ah business will retain the classification information business began to explore half a year ago, the third party payment tool for BaiduPay and Baidu instant communication tools such as Baidu HI business. After this adjustment, Baidu has the general manager or Cai Hu (micro-blog), other technical research and development, operations, sales and other departments of the staff did not because of this adjustment and

left, "on the contrary, we are recruiting, most of the time one day in seventy or eighty."

the responsible person said, this is just a Baidu e-commerce, Baidu has ah is developing a new e-commerce platform, this product is not a strict C2C mode, or B2C mode, the fastest in April will be released.

, senior Internet analyst Francisco founder Li Zhongcun believes that this adjustment means that Baidu C2C e-commerce business completely failed, Baidu e-commerce strategic focus to the B2C, including B2C mall, cool days of joint venture with Japan Lotte and other B2C companies investing in Yao point 100

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