Chang Si advertising help ferry APP access to high-quality users

China electricity market rapid development, ushered in a hitherto unknown development opportunity for electricity supplier marketing, Chang Si advertising as a has been focused on providing customers with mobile marketing services company, relying on the advantages of strength in technology and marketing experience, the electricity supplier APP "Ocean Terminal" tailored for a set of mobile marketing solutions. The success of the help "Ocean Terminal" APP steadily downloads, the number of benign auxiliary pull order ocean pier APP.

the initial target of the project for the urban women’s white-collar crowd, as well as a strong demand for sea Amoy female population. Chang Si advertising through its accumulation of DMP population tag database, using big data analysis techniques, the target user’s age, geographical and consumption levels of user attributes and behavior characteristics analysis, accurate depiction of user portrait, looking for the most marketing value of the target population, for the exclusive promotion plan.


effective advertising creative material is a key factor in the transformation of potential users, according to the thinking of the user portrait, combined with creative testing and feedback effects, custom set of creative materials. In view of the existing users, focusing on showing the discount, discount and other information graphic, stimulate the user to buy. In view of the potential target users, is the production of multiple sets of real, live, that discount purchase can attract the attention of the copy, together with the popular single product picture material, the maximum transmission of the product information, but also avoid the user to produce visual fatigue.

Chang think advertising for the target user’s attributes, customized layer by layer, focusing on the release strategy. On the one hand, the existing loyal users of the pier continued rhythmic advertising material exposure, wake up old users. On the other hand, through the Look-alike modeling, APP for the expansion of the scale of the people to cover the scale of the crowd, tap more potential consumers. According to the analysis, there are scouring habits of male users in the middle of the high-end user distribution is more concentrated. Therefore, after the completion of the foreign terminal APP female target users after the full coverage, initiated the need to expand the sea Amoy male users. According to the stage of data analysis, showing that the conversion of male users accounted for not less than female user groups, and a single higher efficiency.

The choice of

channel is related to the quality of potential users, directly affect the order volume. Chang Si advertising has a profound understanding of the channel users, according to the characteristics of the electricity supplier, selection of Inmobi, Chartboost and other overseas applications running in the domestic media channels, and comprehensive coverage of the domestic high quality media channels. Continuous analysis of the last stage of the data on the performance of the media to focus on the supplement. Through the comprehensive coverage of high quality user channels, creative material precise delivery, complete the effective communication with the target user, namely, transfer the ocean terminal brand information, and success will target users back to the electricity supplier, increase the volume of goods orders.

according to feedback data show that the initial effect of the foreign terminal APP advertising on

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