U.S. FTC to expand the scope of the Google antitrust investigation involving Google+

[IT] Sohu news Beijing on January 15th news, according to foreign media reports, two unnamed insider, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (hereinafter referred to as "FTC") will be put on Google antitrust investigation to expand the scope of social network Google+.

said the source, FTC focus on the issue of Google+ survey is that whether Google is artificially elevated Google+ ranking in the search results, as well as whether this practice violates antitrust laws.

Google this week to modify the search service, will be from the Google+ pictures, news and comments integrated in the search results. Google’s move has caused resentment among bloggers, privacy agencies and competitors, saying that integrating Google+ in search results has given Google an unfair advantage over other companies.

FTC spokesman Cecilia · (Cecelia Prewett); Prewitt did not expand the scope of comment.

Adam, a spokesman for

·, Google (Adam Kovacevich) in an email, said, we believe that our improvement in search services will benefit consumers. The purpose of the law is to enable consumers to benefit from innovation, rather than help competitors." Kovacevic did not comment on FTC’s investigation.

Electronic Privacy Information Center (The Electronic Privacy Center) called on Google to adjust the search algorithm FTC to investigate the issue of. Electronic Privacy Information Center expressed concern about Google’s business practices in a letter.

Engine technology blog Search Land founder Danny · Sullivan (Danny Sullivan) January 11th Bowen, on whether Google make their own service to gain an unfair advantage questioned, "as a search engine, the mission of Google is to allow users to find the information of interest, rather than the Google information of interest".

Google in an effort to fend off competition from Microsoft Bing and Facebook. Last year, Microsoft began to integrate Facebook information in Bing search results. As of October last year, more than 800 million Facebook users, Google+ users more than 40 million.

Market research firm

ComScore data show that in December last year in the United States Google of the Internet search market share of 65.9%, Microsoft’s market share to 15.1% in second, YAHOO’s market share was 14.5%. < >

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