Based on the size of the community, how to successfully transform the electricity supplier

in recent years, some community applications have opened the road to commercialization, vertical transformation electricity supplier, have to say, the premise has enough user scale and flow in the community, the transformation of the electricity supplier does have its advantages. But more importantly, how the community will have a lot of user scenarios based on the smooth realization of the electricity supplier.

has enough user scale and flow, is indeed an advantage, in the end can not be this advantage into success? For many users have this size but not the revenue model of entrepreneurial companies, is an opportunity, but not a certain sentence. The community eventually return to the business, is the successful transformation of user traffic, and in general, compared to the vertical community comprehensive community will be more successful; in addition, the transformation of the shopping needs of users based on can maintain sustainable business; after transformation can go further, or to see the user and community tightness.

first, the transformation of the electricity supplier to Tiexue vertical community as an example, Tiexue was originally just a purely military forum, with the expansion of community, does not have sufficient funds to maintain the development site, the go on the road of business by the end of 2007, the formal establishment of the jagged Jun character, based on the original accumulation of accurate user groups, by proxy foreign brands, through user share and purchase channel, and then launch the tactical success of the community was, the transformation of the electricity supplier. One of the most important reasons for its success is that these users are basically the precise user of its brand.

The relative

transformation of vertical community, comprehensive community such as a veteran of the horizon, transition is difficult. The integrated community, user groups from various areas of interest have the purity is too low, so can only rely on the wide coverage of user groups such as commercial advertising, brand advertising or games, it takes too much manpower cost, and accurate user "extraction" also need to spend a certain amount of manpower (financial) when the total cost is distributed, the value of each category is likely to be lower than the average value of the whole community.

secondly, the transformation of the community electricity supplier must be based on user needs, rather than blind transformation. The little red book as an example, this was founded in 2013, the main application of outbound goods to share, the first is to adhere to the management idea of user communication environment clean, to all the business information "exclusive" ads, even the share of goods will not direct sales in the community. But it is undeniable that there are a lot of opportunities, for example, if you fancy the share of commodity in the community, do not buy channels, the user is not a very good (sharing) experience, it reflects the information that the user is natural, for related goods demand by the end of 2014, the red book online "welfare" function, in the second half of this year reached 700 million yuan in sales.

look at the powerful traffic support Tencent’s pat fast and easy, while the community provide a flow of electricity, but ultimately did not lead to the shopping needs of users based on the user conversion rate is low, eventually had to "marry" Jingdong.


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