Eight leading e-commerce network marketing

e-commerce network marketing eight top

Guangzhou network services Chen Jiqiang China Internet Network Marketing Association outstanding enterprise instructors, is also the first agents, consumers and businesses connected ABC new e-commerce platform, the enterprise marketing manager Tao fu. In August 18, 2010, Fu Amoy platform on the line that day, you should wash Fu Tang headquarters general manager invited forward, took a class on how to carry out network marketing training courses from all corners of the country hundreds of Tao Fu you business.

network marketing training meeting, Chen Jiqiang repeatedly stressed that the electronic commerce is "electronic commerce +", electronic commerce is the purpose, means, electronic means all must be for business services, we must carry out the network marketing in this context. The training in the website construction, SEO technology, product pictures, product description, customer service elements, network brand promotion courses, focuses on the modern enterprise e-commerce, search engine marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, micro-blog marketing, video marketing, brand marketing, answering eight authoritative encyclopedia marketing and business news marketing network marketing:

1, search engine marketing

The next sentence is "a search engine to the world"

network to the world by drawing the enterprise network marketing process, more than 90% of customers are from the search engine. So, the main battlefield of network marketing should be the search engine, each search engine is a leading customers to the corporate site of the Golden Road, as long as we have a large number of product key words appear in major search engines, such as looking for product Avenue five step ten step Kong outpost with our hostess in every one of the customers, will naturally put more flow into our product website, Chen Jiqiang called the "e-commerce network overbearing".

2, forum marketing

The main function of the

forum is to share not advertising, so we must not hesitate to share the experience of us or our unique life experience, let you post the harvest, pure product data continuously posted pictures of the post is not subject to the website not and friends welcome, is typical of the garbage information. We share their experience when "accidentally" to their own companies and products as a case, so as to achieve our propaganda purposes, subtle instill our product information, corporate philosophy and brand culture.

3, blog marketing

blog article to separate static webpage, and the search engine on the blog article weight very friendly, we can effectively use the network marketing their own third of an acre. Because of the independence of the blog, it has the freedom and the freedom to have the mutual nature. At the same time, the blog has the timeliness and the news, and has the strong commercial value because of the news. In the blog we can express their life stories, life sentiment, as the saying goes, let your The writing mirrors the writer., and I a little more.

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