B2C e-commerce experience sharing

recently fought in the first line of B2C e-commerce, although in general, the promotion of the site and the difference is not too great, but there are still many different places. Combat king, now some experience to share with you, please correct me.

1 millet plus rifles era has passed, is currently the resources, capital and talent, the competition of speed, now want to be very difficult to do grassroots business, two knife revolution era has ended.

2 electricity supplier has great difficulty: a), traffic is a huge cost, the current fierce competition, the cost of e-commerce in the pad high.

b), and the cost of the cost of trial and error in traditional industries into electronic commerce is very large.

3, promotion: a), treasure money, away from the flat media. Once in the largest circulation newspaper IT, issued 500 thousand +, full page advertisement costs at least 50 thousand, up to 500IP per day, including lottery advertising is such. IDG 163888 of the previous investment, and later had a newspaper in Beijing with the exchange of advertising, the daily IP of not more than 10. PPG died of flat media.

b), cherish the money, away from the portal. Promotion of journals, connected in the Sina home page left text, costs per day was 4000, only 400 IP, single IP costs 10 yuan, expensive advertising. At present, Martha Marceau put hard advertising saw at sina, if a IP10 yuan, the conversion rate of 3 per thousand, he will be dead loss, but the money can hit VC.

C), web site promotion costs increase. The same site location, if it is Sina, Jingdong, his click rate will be high, if you do not get up the brand, the site click rate will be low. In your website brand has not got up, the site stand, especially the second web site is not a good choice.

4, e-commerce conversion is also an important indicator.

conversion needs: a), the brand, but also the user’s trust

b), price is king, if selling IPAD 500 yuan, the website will burst at the shopping cart no matter how complex will be user fix. But if there is no brand, the user will be deceived, even if it is sent to iPad, the user will feel cheated him.

C), the user experience: the more complex the process, there will be a loss rate in each step. Therefore, the process can be divided into two channels of registration and non registered purchase. To achieve the purpose of the user’s process should be like a girl’s skirt, the shorter the better, for the user, the simpler the better, the simple, the best. Recently bought a small box in excellent order, actually is very complicated, I am a person engaged in Internet, for a long time to fix, the user experience is very poor, no wonder the old United States Internet Co in China always beat the hyenas.

5, no Nirvana and shortcut: Le Amoy turn product line, has spent 1 million 200 thousand on trial and error

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