When Ma dad started to advocate retail Suning has been to produce a nternet retail answer

Abstract: from the beginning of 2009, Suning online retail under the traditional line to take into account the online and offline retail transformation. Suning spent three years exploring the line, and spent the next three years to do the integration of online and offline.



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Suning outdoor advertising for the double 11 again with the "smoke smell", directed at the online purchases and inconsistent goods, the line retail service more thoughtful "online shopping era" ills. Has been engaged in the investment to engage in online and offline integration Suning apparently still defending the line retail position.

, however, the attitude of Alibaba is also tolerant, Ma Yun’s pure electricity supplier era is over, so that the new retail fire. This allows all retail companies began to ask themselves: "new retail" in the end how to do?

Su ningyun chain platform company president Tian Rui accepted the titanium media reporters recently in an interview, was asked the same question. In his view, whether it is new retail or unbounded retail, in essence, is actually the integration of online and offline things. "This is Su Ning has been exploring." Tian Rui said.

transformation of many of the traditional retail enterprises, but also trying to cooperate with the electricity supplier companies to expand the online and offline cooperation, but not effective.

in Tian Rui view, this is not done, because of the interests of both parties can not get through the "business enterprise want to retail enterprises into its line store experience, retail enterprises are hoping to expand electricity supplier online channel. Between the electricity supplier and offline channels will be a burden: inventory can not get through the means to forecast and replenishment, additional stocking would lower operation efficiency, and reduce the user experience out of stock.

Tian Rui said that the online and offline access must be completed in the same system.

in the transformation of the store experience, Su Ninghua "two three year"

As a large private enterprise with 180 thousand employees,

has been paid more and more attention to the transformation of Suning in retail format. From the beginning of 2009, Suning online retail under the traditional line to take into account the online and offline retail transformation.

Tian Rui Suning transformation process is divided into two stages: 2009 to 2012 to do the main line of exploration; from the beginning of the year in 2013, before entering the comprehensive integration of online and offline stage.

really want to achieve the integration of online and offline, both ends must be strong enough, can not have a very weak end. So the first thing we do is to enhance the ability of the line".

Tian Rui said that after entering the second phase, Suning’s idea is that one: online and offline just different scenarios, the core is to provide users with a better experience and more accurate service.

Suning’s background data show that 57% of users simply put the product >

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