The store counter attack two weeks to put together millions of fans, the price increase of 50%

I know you listen to O2O are about to spit! (in fact, I did not?) but this has impeccable logic and tangible results (and more importantly, to meet certain conditions, the traditional enterprise can be the perfect copy) of the reverse O2O case, I suggest you suppress nausea, patience look down.

this is a traditional enterprise through the line of stores to complete the counter attack: or those who sell those goods, the only difference is that they now have a WeChat based, reverse O2O platform data, will deploy, closed-loop. In a formal way, they only two weeks time, brought together millions of users fans (the highest single day increments up to 200 thousand users, fans) help the next line store price increase of 50%, member consumption frequency doubled…… It’s a fantastic marketing effect.


reverse closed loop: let the customer down from the line to the line (please speed get this noun)

good shop is one of the central region of the influential leisure food retail brand, a total of 1300 chain stores, 2012 started Tmall electricity supplier.

but like many traditional enterprises try electricity supplier, Ichiban shop also encountered obstacles and problems: one is the online sales on the line under the impact of the two is the electricity supplier stores two parallel lines, membership data and activity resources unrelated and interoperability, which caused great waste of resources.

O2O then turned out to be harmonic line of contradictions, weapon to save "schizophrenia" in traditional enterprises. Prior to a lot of theory or practice that the advantages of the online is the low cost of information, the advantage of the line is the service, called on the online passenger transport to the next line stores, the problem is solved. Online for the line back, which is the first step in the exploration of O2O, we call it "forward O2O".

But the traditional

stores system complexity, order, benefit distribution is a problem, must be re customization of a O2O system, costly mobilize too many troops do not say, finally you will find that the line to the next line guide is not (except for KTV passenger service in the restaurant, but is the format) Order, service advantage is the line of stores is still not in order to play out, but become a distribution center. And because there is no complete order form a closed loop, assigned by the system, stores no expectations and planning, not only for business hematopoiesis, has been "blood transfusion", abandoned the martial arts.

so, Ichiban shop O2O is in turn from the line to pull consumers to go online. The consumer is the use of two-dimensional code will line pull on WeChat, but also through various online activities, such as envelopes, vouchers and other consumer guide to the next line of dowel pin, dowel process will collect and record consumer information (established online CRM), so as to provide targeted product recommendations for consumers to guide the two consumption process — such a benign O2O closed loop is formed: the consumer from the line down, and to go on line.

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