From Liu Xiang Tucao online shopping services to see the mall public network F2C mode advantage

recently, Liu Xiang and his girlfriend to release rights of micro-blog, said in mid March to buy Photo Printer, try is changed for different size of mobile phone printing, photo paper, computer printing changed, reinstall the system, a photo is the size of cut problem. Then sent to the maintenance station, maintenance master said after the trial is a problem with the machine software, the customer service said the printer on the maintenance station and other processing."

but then Wu Sha suffered delays, she went on to say: "I don’t think 15 days can be a replacement, then wait. After a long wait, also for delivery 7 days to return, 15 days. Has been sent to the maintenance station has been a month, the maintenance master also to the manufacturers to make a phone call, was told to take care of. This month, I have repeatedly called, customer service every time that we attach great importance to this matter, to bring you trouble sorry, we will report to you to deal with. And then?…… Then there is no then."


no doubt, Xiang Sao encountered common problems: online shopping goods are not positive, and this is just a bad service! "B2C", "C2C" business model cannot avoid the problem.

maybe five years ago, you do not know "B2C", "C2C" is normal, this year, you do not know "F2C" really "OUT"!


we know that the traditional channel model is to annihilate, because he is too many intermediate links, dealers and brokers from too much profit, customer service service because of too many links to worse; therefore, they are "B2C" as "C2C" such as Tmall, Jingdong like Taobao electric replaced. In the "Internet plus" era today, another step, let the production side directly to consumers, eliminating all intermediate costs, provided the original customer service service, this model is not sound that you want


last year, a number of domestic to the new F2C mode (ie factory or factory mall, direct consumer oriented model) springing up like mushrooms. Excluding the electricity supplier model in the last pigtail – e-commerce vendors, consumers are completely left the middle cost, for them to open the door directly to the manufacturers.

in the past due to the existence of intermediate links, direct service quality problems are not completely solved, manufacturers for the sake of commodity itself attractive, will provide the first hand the most comprehensive and high-quality customer service service for consumers. This model is equivalent to: with consumers directly to the factory to buy goods!

but the drawbacks of this model is that the connection between the manufacturers is not strong, the ability to integrate resources is weak, the emergence of the mall network to solve this problem.

as the world’s largest global manufacturers mall site, the mall network to more than 3>

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