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P & G’s diaper brand Pampers recently by overseas media, said most of Pampers baby diapers bird can have "suspected or proven toxic", one called the "BabyDry" baby diapers is traced to contain two possible carcinogenic pesticides to kill insects, and may interfere with the hormonal system and dioxin furan. In February 8th, Procter & Gamble to the global financial network said in a statement sent to the overseas media reports involving diapers absolutely safe, all of Pampers’s diapers are safe.


is the first French media reports, said the 12 detected most suspected or proven toxic residues in diapers. Which Pampers (Pampers) launched the "BabyDry" section of diapers contains two kinds of possible carcinogenic pesticide residues, and may interfere with the hormonal system of dioxins and furans. According to South Korean media reports, South Korean government launched the sale of the Pampers "BabyDry" section of diapers were detected, the detection results have not been announced.

‘s announcement in February 8th, Procter & Gamble said Chinese Pampers products were not detected in dioxin and other harmful substances in the product, the company also did not add any of this material, and will never do so. At the same time stressed: detection of foreign substances such as dioxins, "content display results in the Pampers products is much lower than the content of EU regulations permit and harmless to human health products in milk, fruits, food etc.. Some of these substances are naturally present in everyday life and in fruits and vegetables."

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statement before this, Pampers Chinese said China did not add any similar material in the sale of diapers. But there is still the media and the public questioned Pampers’s gold related announcement. Among them, JINGWAH Times reported that Pampers has not made it clear that the source of carcinogens, and involved no sale of domestic products, but in the electricity supplier, cross-border electricity supplier and scouring the sea under the high speed development, the product has been Chinese consumers purchase through various channels. The consumer that can find the Pampers product "BabyDray" diapers in a number of domestic and cross-border electricity supplier on the platform. And this type of cross-border electricity supplier channels are mainly private purchasing, mostly without inspection and quarantine departments of the port inspection and quarantine. Pampers diapers and parent company cleaning to regain the trust of consumers Chinese cleared of suspicion, also need more sincerity.

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