10 aspects to improve the sales force

1, picture

picture is the most powerful, can give full play to the site’s sales force, do Taobao and Amoy friends may experience a deeper, there are pictures and pictures of the gap effect is not big, of course, the image processing requirements are very high.

2, contact

this is a marketing site must be, each feature is contained inside, we can divide the detailed point, central customer service, customer service in North China, Southern China customer service, investment agents, after-sales processing, etc..

3, sub navigation bar (product category)

make full use of the good side navigation category, we are more than half of the classification of products, if the products are less, directly to the product as a navigation bar to promotion, so the effect will be better. Each of the main products are followed by the corresponding optimization of the long tail keywords.

4, home core product selling point

The core selling point

home must refine their products, which is better than the others, summed up, form a copy, the dream really QQ mass with Xu Guoxiang SEO of Jingzhou used, extraction time can be used: mass 150 friends not dropped, can use a group of friends in all groups within the group to send, send. Friends to send 3 to send. That is to say you have to extract their own product selling point, so that the user will see at a glance, it is clear that the advantages of your products.

5, customer display

this must be done, many people will see, you want others to see your customers a lot, he would certainly think this product certainly OK, or will not have so many customers, we try to write more customers to show customers in different regions of different industries.

6, customer message

In fact, from the message in

we see a company service attitude, so many enterprises in the absence of customer message, are some of the questions set up their own answer, but there is no difference, and certainly in the design, you good, ordinary people still can not see. See, this also shows that the enterprise very hard,


7, product display

Jingzhou SEO Xu Guoxiang think is the most important, we can study under Taobao, why Taobao is the highest conversion rate of all e-commerce sites. We should use Taobao’s product display method, structural refinement. The product of the scene (product applicable local metaphor Hotel) photographed product specifications, product internal split, especially electronic, furniture will be displayed inside, rather than most of the corporate website is a product is not clear and a few lines of explanation. We should try our best to refine the description of the product, the internal structure of the product and the solution to the problems encountered in the use of the product.

8, customer comments


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