Ali empire from the platform to try to predict what

mobile Internet development, attracted many companies to join the competition for the mobile market. Tencent has its own army of WeChat, millet rely on high cost to occupy a space for one person terminal, apparently Alibaba Group will also unwilling to remain out of the limelight. But what are the advantages of Ali, although Ali has a large number of registered users, but they do not like the audience of Tencent, not for entertainment purposes. Ali group has a strong financial strength, but it is not easy to compete with high-end Apple or high cost of millet is obviously not an easy task. How can I get in?

obviously Ali thought of starting from the mobile phone system, which is undoubtedly the most economical and easiest way to enter, but Ali did enough alternative. Prior to the relevant state departments have investigated, our mobile terminal system is almost all occupied by foreign intelligence systems, we do not have their own operating system. Therefore, under the influence of the environment, even if the time of the Ali cloud OS dystocia due to some reasons, but Ali still did not give up to build their own mobile phone operating system plan, and to build their own ecosystem.

Today, Ali

mobile phone operating system (formerly aliyun OS) released a new business strategy, announced by a platform, open the way around the mobile phone operating system, establish a new ecological system for operators, hardware manufacturers and design companies, developers etc.. At the same time, Ali also shows Ali mobile phone’s new operating system, and also announced Zhuopu, Xia Xin, Kivu, Konka, peppers and other 5 terminal manufacturers to carry out strategic cooperation.


of this strategy was released it attracted extensive discussions from all walks of life, and in order to ensure that Ali Ali is equipped with the operating system of mobile phone mobile phone can have a good online sales channel, has specially established cloud mobile phone channel, equipped with ALI mobile phone operating system directly to the user mobile phone sales. From then on became a veritable businessman, the foothold is no longer limited to build the platform within the scope of the Empire ali. What are the benefits of doing so to Ali group


first, in the policy environment, advocated the development of mobile phone operating system of our own is a wise choice. Policy can bring about the prosperity and development of an industry, I believe that in the near future, the state will introduce relevant policies and measures to encourage and promote their own intellectual property rights of the mobile operating system development.

at the same time, Ali is not only to build a mobile phone system, but also for the future of the entire system environment and strive to build. For other domestic rivals, Ali group will undoubtedly have to walk in the forefront of the team, and even can also strive to build WP ecological environment of NOKIA. This move allows Ali in the field of domestic mobile Internet system takes the lead.

finally, we see Ali group has moved from a platform operator, began to gradually change their identity. Of course, due to the development of the mobile phone system we can be identified as an example, as Ali group on the merchant of the identity of the attempt. But this attempt will undoubtedly be able to Ali

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