O2O electricity supplier bottleneck is a way to extend the shopping guide

Now many department stores launched

O2O mode try to enter the now popular areas of business, but we can clearly find the retail enterprises in the development of O2O business model, is not able to obtain expected results, more is a kind of some traditional line can be transformed into the Internet to deal with O2O, the transformation of the electricity supplier the retail enterprise has not made one plus one is greater than two of the profits, and even cause the subtraction function of online and offline, because the line under the online content and content often can not keep up, and the line to line down the transaction is completed, if the price difference will cause has been through the line transaction user so, the traditional retail enterprises to engage in the O2O itself is a false proposition.

In addition

O2O business model is also an important bottleneck, that is the retail enterprise itself does not need to know how much electricity supplier thinking, to engage in electricity providers simply cannot do without the logistics and payment system, if consumers chose a retailer in the Internet, unless some special service to a specific location to the consumer, if only is a product, so you can completely through the Internet orders, but for this part of the service obviously many retailers are not ready, because now retailers for the understanding of O2O is more to a drainage effect, instead of the O2O as a business directly through the Internet to achieve the transaction. So retailers do not build their own mature logistics systems and payment systems.

O2O for the traditional retail areas to bring what kind of change, the traditional retail enterprises should make what kind of change and release O2O can bring to the traditional retail innovation source of profit? The author thinks that from the present must grasp the guide attribute, implementation guide role, so that more users come to you the next line shop is consumption.

because the traditional retail store itself also needs a lot of people to stimulate consumption, otherwise many supermarkets will not add some bus to the suburbs to attract consumers to the supermarket, now we can use this link to achieve through the Internet, through the O2O mode, from the Internet to meet consumer direct consumption desire, but also can carry out propaganda through the Internet, for the promotion of retail stores were promptly released, at the same time also can meet some to the designated place for the consumer, so best to let O2O play a guide to.

O2O guide mode in promoting the key lies in the user guide, the boot process is diversified, such as providing a full range of introduction in the official website for certain theme activities, and to participate in the activities of the user groups given certain incentives, such as the use of virtual Mojiang way to enhance the enthusiasm of users to participate in activities thus, an important platform for the community gradually formed on the Internet, this platform can be consumers on the Internet on the retailer’s consumer reviews, which gradually formed a shared atmosphere.

not only as a retailer can also open >

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