5c8d shopping mall comments Tmall mall

first, Tmall mall official website


network is introduced: Tmall, Asia’s largest online shopping website, online shopping platform taobao.com to create B2C. Tmall’s predecessor was April 10, 2008 Taobao mall, in 2012 changed its name to Tmall. What is Tmall? The cat is sexy and tasteful, Tmall is the representative of the online shopping, fashion, sexy, fashion and quality; cat born picky, picky picky picky brand, quality, environment, the definition of which is fit to build the quality of Tmall online shopping in the city.

, Tmall’s goal is to become your online shopping in the world of Fifth Avenue or Champs Elysees, will become a new landmark in China and the world B2C! So far, Tmall already has more than 400 million buyers, more than 50 thousand businesses, more than 70 thousand brands; a variety of new network marketing model is constantly being created. Join Tmall, will have more access to the forefront of e-commerce opportunities, but also for the new B2C career to create more miracles!

5C8D comments: 2, named Tmall mall can be said to be a last ditch, the rapid growth of the Tmall mall is in taobao.com ten years of accumulated online shopping and online shopping habits based on the crowd, and the boom in recent years B2C. Taobao mall seller has accelerated the establishment of Tmall mall defection event name, but its core interests still rely on taobao.com. However, Tmall mall shopping malls similar to the positioning of the brand gradually let Ali group completed the wholesale, bazaar, shopping malls e-commerce Empire layout.

two, technical analysis of how Tmall mall

Domain name:

1, Tmall mall tmall.com domain name registration time is founded in October 17, 1997, the old domain name is Ali 10 years ago had to do the brand store layout? Combination of its domain name as "T" + "mall" English "MALL", the original estimate is to do for the world’s website. This domain name is not difficult to remember, but the input habits of the people a little inconsistent with the name of Tmall mall is not exactly the same. Of course, the wily Ali tianmao.com had done early prevention.

2, host: Tmall mall is currently located in the server address in Zhejiang,, and Taobao belong to a IP. The stability of needless to say, the giant NB! IP on the amount of light Tmall mall are tens of millions of levels, the amount of PV is more than 60 million, the response rate is still less than 50 milliseconds, God


3 experience: first opened Tmall mall, Tmall beat gifLOGO themselves, but the overall web interface has many colors, dazzling feeling, visual impact feeling is not strong, the overall design is not good. However, slightly less than the overall design of the shopping experience can be ignored, the top search and home product navigation is still a good experience. Tmall used the taobao.com more than and 10 years summed up with the Chinese shopping habits process, there is no need to comment. In a word: Taobao has led people to shop

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