Ali ecosystem will become a utopian dream

Ali from the "qijianxiatianshan" into "25 division", is a spin off in order to complete the work, on the other hand, for now, Ali, really need to segment the cause. Today, Ali, no matter how many divisions are divided into years ago, Ma Yuan are stressed in the Ali ecosystem.

as a business platform, the ecological environment is crucial, is nothing more than to maximize the creation of suitable electricity supplier development environment, from the early B2B platform to the C2C platform Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay to the payment platform, financial platform to Ali financial, to the advertising platform Ali mother, Ali for many years has been in the preparation of the logistics, this one the platform is slowly realize the description of Ma Ali ecosystem.

but we see now Ali ecosystem as described by Ma Yun is so beautiful? This article from the financial credit system, Ali and Alipay the crisis, the development of Alibaba B2B resistance and micro Amoy can elaborate now people see Ali ecosystem to save Ali ecological chain etc.. Point of view is not necessarily correct, the author through a number of observations and speculation, summed up the current situation of Ali ecology, improper also want to be corrected in all fields, more welcome to discuss with me.

Taobao’s integrity system makes the industry worrying

as the country’s largest C2C integrated mall, Taobao has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so now people talk about electricity providers will think of Taobao, when it comes to online shopping Taobao. is part of Ali ecological chain, and is an important part of the Taobao store, and Tmall mall, also have a bearing outer Juhuasuan and a Amoy, throughout the domestic and foreign businessmen to Taobao, Ali’s mother is to make the entire Internet web site traffic flow of Taobao 1./3.

this is a very great quantity, various data from the Internet can witness the Taobao brilliance. However, such a carrying millions of sellers of C2C platform, but could not resist the integrity test, every day there are complaints of buyers, even the existence of reasonable complaints within the industry, the rapid growth is still unable to withstand this number.

not to introduce the third party supervision system, the development speed and the customer complaint system developed could not keep up with Taobao, leading to complaints or complaints are not satisfied with the Voices of discontent. That is, or can not find the way of legal rights, more buyers due to repeated complaints are not satisfied with the reply and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

has a fake Taobao shopping case not long ago: Mr. A bought a mobile phone millet 2S from the Taobao store, in the store to confuse, Mr A chose to cash on delivery way. Shop in Beijing consignment, delivery is in Shenzhen, the husband bought a cell phone after a few days after feeling wrong, to the customer service after the identification of millet is known to be knockoff. And found that when Mr. A is ready to defend their rights, with the mobile phone mail the invoice is false, surprisingly SF express on the express orders, and after several two-dimensional code are black, A first.

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