WeChat store strict scrutiny into the threshold of high Tencent mobile electricity supplier ambition

WeChat store strict scrutiny into the threshold of high Tencent mobile providers ambition highlights

TechWeb reported in July 7th by Anton

throughout the June, fruit fruit fun team are very busy. On the one hand, because this is their flagship brand "Yantai big cherry" the best sales season; the other party, but also because they are applying for, WeChat has just launched at the end of May the "WeChat store" the procedures and documents.

"fruit fruit fun" is a fruit of origin direct supply mode for the electricity supplier self brand, although they have opened a Jingdong store, but for the WeChat online store, they obviously have more expectations. After all, with 600 million users, WeChat leading products for China Mobile Internet Tencent, is the hands of the layout of the mobile providers the most important weapon, stationed in the WeChat store, traffic entrance and selling platform represents the most important occupation of the mobile terminal.

, however, fruit fruit fun WeChat store application is not smooth road, the threshold is high, strict review, leading to fruit fruit fun WeChat store in a month after the application is still in the process. But at the same time, they also indicated that they will definitely try to apply to the WeChat store, after all, WeChat is the only store should have caused mobile threat to the Jingdong, Taobao business platform, so WeChat store will be the main battlefield of our future mobile providers."

shop is not small multi threshold strict screening into the enterprise

in August last year, WeChat launched an important version of 5 low-key launch, the first introduction of mobile payment function, marking the commercial journey of WeChat officially set sail. From communication to social gaming platform, from living services to mobile providers, commercial footsteps WeChat go cautious but wildly beating gongs and drums. At the end of May, WeChat officially launched the "WeChat store", the public platform to realize access modes of technology "zero threshold", while WeChat shop online, mobile providers for Tencent and WeChat commercial, are of great significance.

WeChat is our electricity supplier companies are optimistic about a mobile electronic business platform, which has a huge user traffic and greater imagination, but now the threshold is very high, and the review is particularly strict." The fruit fruit interest WeChat chief Wang Guangbin TechWeb said, "not only the enterprise to apply for certification, WeChat also opened the payment interface, and we review the food distribution license, now, our team is full of physical examination, in order to apply for a health certificate, to handle the food circulation permit requirements."

it is understood that WeChat shop at this stage is indeed very high barriers to entry. First of all, the enterprise service number must pay 300 yuan certification fee, after certification; secondly, this service number must open the WeChat payment interface, pay $twenty thousand deposit, and submit all kinds of documents. For fruit fruit fun such fresh electricity supplier companies, but also need to review the food circulation permit and other documents. So, on the whole, the threshold of the WeChat store actually

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