What is worth buying dig Jingdong executives exposure of five ambitions


note: "what to buy" user called "Aunt Zhang rapist", was founded in 2010, started a location for the shopping guide platform. Five years, they have been low-key, basically no external publicity. Today, the platform ranked 262nd in the world’s Alexa traffic, China ranked the top thirty-eighth sites. And hired a Jingdong executives that Xin as CEO, this is exactly what kind of website, how is a big step by step


one, what is worth buying what is it?

was founded in June 30, 2010, what is worth buying, originally committed to providing consumers with cost-effective recommendation information and services, is now a consumer shopping guide, media, tools, community property as one door apartment layout website. A method, a complete set of shopping guide system and products, including "preferential selection", "sea Amoy area", "Discovery Channel" and "customer value", the original "Information Center", "consumer public test", "commodity Wikipedia", the mobile client, to achieve the "go – to – Search – purchase – -" the sun around the consumer loop, is intended to be a first entrance and the birthplace of the quality of consumer decision-making quality consumption flow.

now, what is worth buying traffic in Alexa global ranked 262nd, ranked thirty-eighth in China website; user login daily access to more than 20 minutes long, access to more than 20 pages per capita per day; the number of mobile clients started more than 6 times, and 55% week and 60% month retention retention. In 2014, the double eleven month, the number of orders on what consumers buy more than 3 million 600 thousand single, conversion rate of over 8%.

what is worth buying the core content has been produced by the editorial team, but a large number of sources of information is UGC users broke the news, and then edited by the audit released. To put it simply, what is worth buying is to rely on the quality of what is worth buying, the content to attract users. Through the flow of traffic, what is worth buying at present there are two main income: first, to bring electricity supplier platform sales commission, which is the main revenue. Two advertising revenue.

two, what is worth buying why can be bigger?

according to what is worth buying founder Sui Guodong’s understanding, what is worth buying to be able to become bigger, is because has grasped these three kinds of strength. – the driving force of male consumption, the attractiveness of UGC, the tension of high quality content – and translate it into real business value.

"if the typical user portrait on Taobao is characterized by prodigal female, irrational consumption and flamboyant is known, that in what is worth to buy the typical user portrait is actually prodigal their ability of male, impulsive consumption ability and flamboyant can say even more than Taobao prodigal female. In the past five years, what is worth buying discount broke up to more than 162 articles, original articles submitted more than 70 thousand articles, published more than 48 thousand

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