6 million Taobao 95% do not make money problems where

Osa, success stories Liebo, Yin man, AFU oil, Han clothing such as Amoy brand, inspired another batch of entrepreneurs to join Taobao. But to become a big seller, after all, is a minority, the majority of sellers is a flash in the pan. Media reports said that the current Taobao store has about 6000000 sellers, the real money is less than 300 thousand, accounting for only about $5% Tmall mall store, the seller of the more than 60 thousand, not losing money, less than 10%.

Taobao and Tmall created a wealth of myths, but more people fall on the road to find the myth. Why does Taobao look prosperous?

1, brush drill manufacturing false prosperity

wine is also afraid of deep alley, shops have a good product, but also a reputation. Taobao’s credit system is originally used for choosing the cost reduce marketing costs sellers and buyers, but sellers become a loophole in the channel.

Although Taobao

reiterated the brush drill, and repeatedly sound to punish this behavior; but one foot in mind, brush drill still repeated, brush off on the network but also meet the eye everywhere. Sellers through false transactions to create a shop explosion, improve credit. Brush drill market demand, so it is also a certain sense Taobao credit system extension of the by-product.

Taobao, QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, website and other online platforms can be found on the channel Taobao brush credibility. According to media reports, the market price of about 300 yuan can be a brush drill. A courier company to undertake the empty bag business accounted for the entire volume of 3%~5%, these empty package is the seller needs to brush drill. But in the application of network that, in recent years, brush drill industry chain also let buyers develop evaluation of the batch type piercing eye, it is vulnerable to buyers feel disgusted.

2, artificial joint heap consumption peak

2014 double eleven, Tmall sales reached $57 billion 112 million, creating an amazing sales miracle. Remove brush and return, the rest is the real purchase of users. And this part of the user actually compressed the demand for almost a month, overdraft behind a certain demand, squeezed into the release of the double eleven.

Shen believes that Ali began to build two eleven nodes from the consumer in 2009, after several years of temper eleven has been defined as an annual shopping feast. For those who do not have the ability to consume or other reasons not to participate in the consumption, even if any festival, any promotion can not attract them.

so double eleven consumption reached the peak electricity supplier, but there is no real increase too much consumption.

so why is Taobao’s business hard to do?

, 1 categories of goods already saturated

products out of stock, clothes off the code, the physical price expensive…… It doesn’t matter, look at Taobao. Taobao has been close to or even more than the amount of goods under the line store. Taobao’s current merchandise category includes clothing, bags, shoes, outdoor sports >

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