Jingdong Unveiled promotional price war and shall pay the business cost

"this way can not play, and we only choose to withdraw from the cabinet." September 5th at noon, Hangzhou jeans brand Jasonwood electricity supplier Wei Wei, general manager of the phone seemed angry.

on the same day, Sina micro-blog certified JASONWOOD e-commerce operator is responsible for "Louisa Xiaoxi" micro Bo said, decided to withdraw from the mall Jingdong (micro-blog) POP platform, the reason is the Jingdong in September 3rd held a "buy 300 get 1000 tickets" activity, while 1000 of all businesses need to store coupons, JASONWOOD refused to participate in the activities. The shop is Jingdong lock. "You make price war not a penny to the bill, will Liu, this is your so-called heroism?"

Wei Wei told reporters, "300 to send 200500 to send 300800 to send 500, which is equivalent to our goods by Jingdong forced to hit three to sixty percent off, and there were no signs of all sales in the Jingdong on the platform of the clothing brand background is locked," we are not in ".

in September 4th, including Eve Li (eifini), AKSERIES, knoch was forced to pull the chariot of clothing brand promotion once in the shop home page issued to suspend the delivery or business emergency notice, and began to communicate with the Jingdong operating shopping platform, then has removed the announcement.

in addition, the Jingdong to protest this activity, Qipai, Shanshan, Septwolves, zero male have to store the product off the shelf, and the crocodile and give up to participate in the activities of communication after the Jingdong, Jingdong to freeze its background editing page, unable to carry out related operations, payment has been frozen Jingdong.

The boycott of

Jingdong was so much supplier in the autumn of product promotions, what is the reason behind? Almost at the same time, there is news that the NDRC Price Supervision Bureau of the recent electricity supplier "price war" investigation, preliminary investigation found that the price war in the process, the electricity supplier promotional behavior suspected of original fiction and consumer fraud.

withdrawal counter promotional

Jingdong cost rate has been the highest

"our activities are fully communicate with suppliers after the launch, if the supplier does not agree that we are not forced to let them in, after all our communication with suppliers is benign." The face of protests from suppliers, Jingdong mall senior vice president Wu Sheng in September 5th to respond to this reporter.


Wu said, Wei Wei said, "this is nonsense, Jingdong did in our suppliers QQ group issued a program announcement, but when we do not participate in the activities of advice to them, our background has already been locked down at the end of the day, not to participate in is not the".

and a supplier to the newspaper reporter QQ chats screenshot is displayed, when the supplier.

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