Chinese domain name is not the first spring

we all know that there is such a thing in history, that is, when the society to change to a new society, then there will be a struggle between the old and new forces. The history books say it, from primitive society to slave society to feudal society to the present socialist society, Chinese history for 5 thousand years, and Chinese development also have different approaches but equally satisfactory results truth, but now the problem is that in every social change when there will be sent into the role from the fight the opposite faction, there is some truth to this.

and now, see Chinese, bear can see when I was in 2005, enter the URL has Chinese domain name, domain name is worth taking so Chinese whip Mody, I think now Chinese domain is still warm boiled frog, and minon is contradiction Chinese domain, minon body flowing in some of the domain name to Chinese the severity of the same attitude, why, because there is a limitation of the Chinese domain, a lot of people know, two, you can’t deny a 26 letter, and 26 letters of power has been up, buy a domain name and heavily heavily things have to know.

second Chinese domain object is Chinese, now let foreigners view Chinese domain name may be also difficult to conquer Mount Qomolangma, I English learned ten years are like this bird, so that foreigners learn Chinese, not that they self mutilation. So, China environment, Chinese domain is a spring has not come, but Chinese spring must have money to drive, for example, you call yourself with Baidu Baidu.Cn I’m afraid of words, this effect is the most cattle, known to the world, so that the domain name Chinese spring need very rich farmers go to work, to pay, only the arrival of.

if Chinese spring came, so Chinese spring will be lasting, my attitude is, can only say that let users maintain a Chinese consciousness, but not completely and instill which is a contradiction. May be a person to sprinkle a urine, after the end of the three minutes heat, no, this is a problem. However, English should be the mainstream of traditional input, Chinese is to maintain a corporate image of the role of chinese. So I believe we have to be longer and more useful in the protracted war.

I finally had to say is controversial Chinese.Cn and Chinese.Com the two Marie suffix, in the Internet has been advocating down, English.Com has even woman and children all know. And now the Chinese.Cn domain name is higher than the Chinese.Com, in fact, do not know why, is that the Chinese.Com may now be higher than the cost of.Cn, I do not know if this is not the root of English species.

so come to the conclusion: Chinese spring has not yet arrived.


(you cook Chinese meters to try to control within 3 words or a popular word do not impulse, after all, tuition money, and now left Chinese good few meters.


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