August domain name market information briefing

this month in the Admin5 domain name transactions 500 pen national estimates of domain name transactions in the pen around 2000.

    the ratio of data;             international domain name 70% mainly based com 4 digits, 4 letters Shuangpin trading relatively large proportion of
                domain name in China accounted for 30% in 3 miscellaneous, 4 figures, words
                domain name registration business mainly in the original network, the new network ename accounted for 80%

price trends

4 pure digital general price of 3000 yuan. Good up to 30 thousand in general about $4000.
                5 digit international domain name in the 200-300 yuan
              4 letter domain name prices in the 300-600 yuan type 3000-8000 yuan Shuangpin domain, trading at 10 thousand -1.5 million about
                regional industries, such as Wuhu friends whlove, Xuzhou job xzjob Jianpin + word type in 3000-5000 yuan
            & nbsp; industry domain such as game servers becomes hot. Domain name.
              2 digit.La in 1000-2000
              3 miscellaneous.Cn accounted for 10% share of the total transaction price in 100-200 yuan,
        nbsp;       3 digital.Cn in 3000 yuan

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