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200 million yuan how to become $1 billion 900 million?

In December 13th

, a clothing industry network advertisement survey report released by Analysys International, clothing sales network enterprises VANCL 2009 advertising rates for a total amount of 1 billion 896 million yuan.

a "sell clothing" in the online emerging enterprises, should be so generous, if according to this data, where advertising is even more than the impression in many enterprises, such as the three operators.

the evening of December 14th, to face questioning by reporters, VANCL CEO old told reporters: "this year our advertising is only more than 200 million."

two very different data behind, a new marketing model known as CPS surfaced.

200 million and 1 billion 900 million

in the

whether senior netter, or just touching the novice, almost difficult to find an absolutely no contact person Eslite advertising. A insiders exclamation: whether it is a large portal, or obscure vertical portals, niche sites, where the customer site can get in by every opening so how?

is where the customer in the garment industry, as we all know, where the network is not only a large quantity of advertising, and advertising price is extremely low, but because the party has been reluctant to disclose details of the data, the industry has only an intuitive understanding, and the lack of specific basis.

Analysys International recently disclosed the investigation report, revealed the tip of the iceberg. Insiders told reporters, 200 million yuan 1 billion 900 million yuan Analysys International released and aged in the gap between the part from the statistics of the different. VANCL provide is the actual investment funds, and statistics Analysys International is calculated according to the price quotation. Analysys International analyst Tang Yizhi told reporters that the statistical method of Analysys International is to the website where the length of the ad multiplied by the price and display advertising.

of course, the gap may not be that big. The flag group marketing director told reporters in Yongsheng, there are 3 to 50 percent off discount rates between network advertising price and the actual price, that is to say, 1 billion 896 million yuan price, usually paid to 1 billion 300 million yuan for 1 billion. Even so, where passengers are equal to 200 million yuan to obtain display advertising effect of more than 1 billion yuan.

The answer is

, where the customer is not a simple advertising display advertising, but according to the CPS settlement. It is CPS to 200 million yuan in exchange for where customers can use the equivalent of more than ten billion opportunity.

CPS (Cost Per Sale, paid by sales), refers to the advertisers do not pay according to the time to display the ads, but according to the direct sales of advertising and the site is divided. Its advertising price and each single transaction are linked directly to the level of bacteria can be fine.

specific to the customer, only users in the browse with guest advertising ">

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