Discussion see Wangzhuan positioning from QQ farm

a friend of mine recently often landlords, but did not play what, then listen to the relatives said they were playing QQ farm, very interesting, but I love dogs, dog friends, friends want to play, on the opening of the QQ farm, and red yellow diamond and dozens of QB, give him buy a house to buy the background to buy a dog, let him lehe. After playing for a few days, found the hot point of the QQ farm, in order to extend the discovery of such a law: any idea can not be achieved in real life, can become a hot spot on the network.

for a few examples:

1, the reality can not be stolen, the network can be, so QQ farm fire!

2, the reality can not gamble, the network can be, so landlords fire, and now have a real money landlords


3, the reality of the fight against yellow, can be on the network, so the Yellow site fire!

4, in reality cannot be approached, abusive, obscenity, network, so

chat room on fire!

5, the reality of adults to buy supplies embarrassed, pick up on the Internet, so the adult supplies shop fire!

6, the reality can not fight, murder, the network can be, so the online game fire, Daguai PK every day.

7, too many TV ads in the real world, there is no advertising on the network ah, one breath to read, so the video site fire.

network, can be said to meet the desires of the local people, because they do not face to face, with a fake nickname, so a lot less scruples, some more indulgence, their usual work in the hypocrisy of the side of the first put up any crazy face show.

of course, I mentioned above a few examples of a bit negative, you can also cite a few positive examples.

1, the reality of things can only be sold locally, the cost is high, the sales volume is narrow, but the network can be free shop on the network, in the face of the national.

2, the reality of the business is not close around the wholesale price range, a lot of information on the network, the price is transparent, save a lot of money wholesale.

from the above several examples to analyze, we can find the station group can stand the direction. Meet the people’s normal life can not meet the desire. This is the most direct, the most thorough, the most clear idea to do. Many sites around this example.

1: Red Wangzhuan, meet the people’s desire to make money on the internet.

2:admin5 to meet the needs of the sale of commercial sites.

a lot of friends in the site, the site is blind or confused after the establishment of the station every day, but a large flow of very little profit, this time you can think about, you stand on the site to meet the people desire? They are here to make money? Or for pleasure?…… To clear their purpose and to meet >

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