Qingdao vehicle administration launched the first Taobao store opened by government departments

today writer white Jingli

government to open Taobao store service like a

is the first launch of the first Qingdao vehicle administration by government departments to open the "Taobao store" — the Qingdao DMV Amoy deputy, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 11:30, the people of Qingdao can be through the network re driving license, motor vehicle license plate number, and commissioned offsite inspection.

used in some sectors of the "ugly face, something difficult, hard enough, in front of the service window queues, especially do not carry" hopeful but rushed to empty ", the new service today Qingdao vehicle administration launched, not to the site will be able to handle the business, both convenient and environmentally friendly.


network information era to make people happy, Qingdao vehicle to catch up with the pace of the times, adapt to the demands of public opinion, the network benefits of "people", is really commendable, hope others to emulate, new and better service.

elevator court life and death was cold paste

The people’s Court of Longtan District

of Jilin province posted the "life and death" in the building before the elevator, "said all the consequences of what happened on any lift, I will not be responsible for the hospital." The notice of the court there is a further explanation, the general meaning of the elevator is used for a long time, at any time there will be trouble, in order to ensure their own safety, please take the stairs, otherwise the accident is not responsible.

elevator problem, repair; repair is not good, I have something to say, "dangerous, please bypass, please take the stairs," more than a simple thing, to the whole sentence "my school is not responsible for" more hurts.

court as the public sector, more humane, more caring, more service consciousness, so out of the way. This point, Longtan District People’s court had to fill up.