Underwear B2C in the end of the beginning of the fashion network reproduction

at the end of June 2009, popular network overnight underwear Internet direct website (LAMIU) to get $5 million investment. As the underwear frequently in the major portals, vertical sites taobao.com, campus network appearance, not only feel the temptation of capital, also caused the concern of the industry. From the Internet channel strategy can be seen, the ultimate goal of brand, e-commerce is a means of its brand strategy.

Japanese Fashion Network reproduction

feel the coming of the advertising campaign that many insiders exclaimed: another VANCL come! Feel generous is relying on strong capital background. "In a sense, feel not an entrepreneurial company, but to get investment from the beginning of the support." Internet Marketing Director Hao Jianyao said, after the Internet has received a total of 20 million yuan investment, the current advertising costs about 10 million yuan.

thanks to the Internet CEO Dong Lu’s personal experience. Dong Lu, who has worked for 10 years, worked in Goldman Sachs investment bank (Japan), the Japanese investment community has accumulated a large number of resources. Dong Lu childhood love of fashion design, and feel in Japan design company specializing in underwear design, fusion of Japanese popular elements. Dong Lu felt Chinese underwear design fits, style is not prominent, decided to feel the introduction of Chinese.

it is understood that the Internet behind three Japanese investors backgrounds, what they see is the rapid growth of the market space Chinese. According to statistics, China’s underwear market annual sales of 40 billion to $50 billion, the next ten years, the annual growth rate of China’s underwear market will remain at around 20%. Hao Jianyao pointed out that the China underwear market was two differentiation, one is hanging in the mall price 300 yuan more than the brand underwear, the other is a few yuan of brand-name underwear. Feel like to do is price in 100~200 yuan in the end of underwear.

is known to all, underwear in the mall’s rate of increase of more than 10 times. That is to say, in the mall selling price 300 yuan of underwear, cost less than 30 yuan. But even so, because the channel cost is very high, and the underwear models, manufacturers in advance to produce all of the models, the proportion of sales of only 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 channels and inventory costs are high, which is only 10%.

of traditional enterprise net profit

compared to traditional channels, the advantages of e-commerce is fast, can quickly feed back the consumer’s information, and in accordance with the sales situation, flexible or reduced production, to minimize inventory backlog. Hao Jianyao said that Internet sales rate can reach more than 80%. "One is the design of Japanese fashion, one is the low cost of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, the middle is a fast response e-commerce platform." Hao Jianyao pointed out that e-commerce is entering the market China feel the most efficient way.