Amazon Chinese Title door survey scalpers latent electric business


each reporter Zhang Sifa from Beijing

frequently launched major electricity supplier price war, facing new challenges.

recently, a lot of people in the name of "victim" to the "daily economic news" reporter broke the news that the online mall Amazon Chinese frequently unilaterally cancel their orders, and they also suffered the punishment, the account closure seal IP.

found that the reporter in-depth investigation, some people may indeed be in normal operation suffered an accident ", while others, because of their special status, is not a" victim "in the title is inconclusive – users, some people take advantage of Amazon China sales price to hoard goods, and then reselling.

on how to effectively limit the scalpers breeding at the same time, not because of "King" title and the innocent consumers? This has become a new problem in the electricity supplier industry, especially facing the price war.

users broke the news: delete strange orders are China Amazon

Zhao Qian (a pseudonym) was Amazon China closed account and IP.

she told the daily economic news reporter, said she was a senior user of the Amazon China, over the years, the average daily volume of her parcels up to 2~3, the amount of orders down one million yuan a year or so.

, according to her, in addition to their own use, she also occasionally help relatives purchasing, entertainment based, does not involve business". But from the end of last year, Amazon Chinese continuously cancel their orders: to complete the payment procedures in the order and after the Chinese Amazon background system will cancel her orders in a few minutes, and inform the account abnormal, sometimes 1 items will be ordered to cancel the order.

in order to avoid their own account problems caused by the failure of shopping, Zhao Qian tried to replace the account, change the IP address, etc., but the situation as usual, which makes Zhao Qian feel puzzled.

March 15th, Zhao Qian in a single purchase order and complete the payment process, the Amazon China once again to show abnormal account to freeze the account of Zhao Qian. This is not only a single account, for an account, or do not go up, (description) IP has been sealed." Zhao Qian said that this brings the hangover: until March 28th, Zhao Qian also did not receive a refund from China Merchants Bank with Amazon’s record, at the same time, it can not continue to use the Amazon Gift card.

from the beginning of March 20th, Zhao Qian every day by telephone and mail to the Amazon Chinese customer complaints, but in accordance with the scanning process to send personal documents given by a Chinese Amazon, she still did not get their refunds and gift cards.

the "daily economic news" reporter call the Amazon China customer service, customer service staff replied that a normal account under the ordinary debit card and credit card is China Merchants Bank account within 3 working days after the refund, the other credit card required within 20 working days. Frozen >