The spelling domain name will be auctioned

      recently announced the 36 metre statue of the second domain name domain name auction will auction, among them, the Chinese domain name spelling coincided with the well-known travel website of, industry wide attention from.

      according to Whois query results, was registered in August 2004, more than a year earlier than the mango network is now being applied to With nearly two years of ant net, and and many other well-known sites have replaced the domain name spelling, all the positive application value of the domain name spelling. Recently there are Tencent high priced acquisition of, driven by China’s millions of yuan to buy and other news constantly spread, so that the price of such domain transactions will continue to rise. Professionals estimate, domain auction price will be more than 500 thousand yuan.

      auction organizers respect m network, the domain name auction except and,, and and a series of spelling domain names and part-time.Cn, Andy Lau.Com, the.Cn Chinese domain, the auction in the recent official website ( Public display, the official auction on the afternoon of September 26th.