U.S. online shopping Monday total sales exceeded $3 billion innovation record

[Abstract] the total number of people involved in online shopping more than 103 million people, more than the retail store to go to the shopping of 102 million people.

Tencent Francisco December 2nd message, according to foreign reports, Adobe on Tuesday released statistics, the United States on Monday "online shopping this year" (the first Monday after Thanksgiving, similar to the Chinese "double 11") network sales growth of 16% over the previous year, $3 billion 70 million. This is the first day of U.S. Internet sales topped $3 billion.

Adobe had previously expected this year, online shopping on Monday sales will grow by about 12%, less than $3 billion. The final statistics show that online shopping on Monday sales exceeded the expected Adobe. In the five day of the Thanksgiving Day sales promotion, the U.S. consumer online shopping amounted to $11 billion 110 million, compared with Adobe’s previous $10 billion 850 million is expected to exceed 2.4%, an increase of 17% over the same period last year.

Adobe also pointed out that this year’s online shopping on Monday, mobile sales also hit a record high. Of the $3 billion 70 million in sales, $799 million comes from smartphones or tablets. At present, although the United States consumers during the Thanksgiving holiday is still mainly through the store shopping, but substantial growth in online shopping Monday sales data, using digital equipment further show that American consumers are more and more shopping.

online sales during the Thanksgiving year substantial growth in the same time, store sales have declined to some extent. Store sales data to track the ShopperTrak released a report said that in this year’s Thanksgiving weekend, U.S. store sales are expected to decline by 10.4 percentage points. Data from RetailNext show that U.S. store sales fell by 4.7% over the Thanksgiving weekend.

is not all shopping center sales data have declined. Taubman Center (Taubman Centers) spokesman said that the company most of the shopping mall has increased over the same period last year slightly on Thanksgiving weekend sales. Retail companies DDR spokesman said the company is located in the United States and the United States and the local shopping mall traffic grew slightly.

, however, online sales are growing far more than the physical store on Thanksgiving weekend, and Amazon is leading all of the e-commerce companies. Tracking Amazon and eBay platform third party retailer sales data ChannelAdvisor statistics show that Amazon in the online shopping on Monday revenue grew by 21.1%, an increase of more than the overall market growth. In the five days of thanksgiving to online shopping on Monday, Amazon’s sales grew by 24.1%, the performance is also stronger than the overall market growth of 20.9%.

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