Giant snatch trillion into the biggest bottleneck of rural electricity supplier logistics

[Abstract] rural business is divided into two dimensions, one is the export of agricultural products, the other is a online shopping village. The latter was the first promising.


even in this traffic is developed in Hanchuan city of Hubei Province, logistics and transport, including Shen Tong, tact, EMS and other mainstream courier companies, can only reach the township level, not deep into the village. At present, the rural left behind children, women and the elderly, the receiving and delivery are extremely inconvenient.

trainee reporter Tao Li Shanghai reported


in the electronic business platform to go to the countryside "whitewashing" for a long time, or will usher in the spring industry.

November 9th, the general office of the State Council issued a "guidance" to promote e-commerce in rural areas to accelerate the development of the views put forward three key tasks, one is to actively cultivate the market main body of rural e-commerce, logistics, trade, encourage electricity providers, finance, marketing, postal, courier and other various social resources to strengthen cooperation. Two is to expand the application of e-commerce in agriculture and rural areas, agricultural production, processing, circulation and other aspects, to strengthen the application and promotion of Internet technology. Three is to improve the development of rural e-commerce environment.

previously, Alibaba, Su Ningyun, Jingdong mall and other electricity providers giant has accelerated its way to the countryside. Ali Institute data show that in 2014 the country’s total online shopping market in rural areas amounted to more than 180 billion yuan, is expected in 2016 will exceed $460 billion.

at present, Alibaba has 23 provinces in the country, the layout of the rural electricity supplier in the deployment of the 126 counties, and plans to invest $three in the next 10 billion years, the establishment of the 1000 counties in rural areas of the village Taobao service points. On the other side, the Jingdong mall also aggressively accelerated the sinking speed, more than a year to set up the service center of more than and 600 counties in the country, and recruited more than 100 thousand points and the promotion of rural cooperation in 100 thousand administrative villages.


industry to twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter revealed that the rural electricity supplier development still exists a lot of short board, practitioners of thinking, the support of local government and logistics infrastructure are constraints. "Like the village service station, Amoy Jingdong these are money, but the cost is not low, users have to pay great efforts in education. However, it also shows that there is room for improvement in the market, the State Council issued the policy, but also help to promote local government to improve."

online shopping village

at present, the rural electricity supplier is divided into two dimensions: one is the market, agricultural products "export", another is the online shopping village.

was the first to be optimistic about the online shopping village is. In October last year, Taobao opened in Zhejiang, Tonglu, the first rural Taobao service station, so far this model has been covered by the country’s more than 6 thousand villages.

senior vice president of Alibaba, B2B business group president Wu Minzhi said that for the entire rural strategy, Alibaba is more public