Google AdWords how to achieve precision marketing

consumer focus, the author today with the moon cake, for example, log in to the background of the new Google AdWords interface to simulate how to accurately sell Google moon cake". We first use the search tool (Insight for Search) to see if you can find customers faster and more money to see how to search the needs of thousands of people, to determine the changes in market demand.

search trends tool: Insight for Search

search trends tool: Insight for Search

take the "moon cakes" and "moon group purchase" of the two key words in Google search needs to be a contrast, it can be found that the search volume is relatively stable and the annual moon peak in the Mid Autumn Festival, this is understandable, most people in the Mid Autumn Festival to buy moon cake, the fifteen bought called the "lantern". However, the moon cake group search volume trend is somewhat different from the beginning of 2005 year by year rapid growth. Accordingly, we can analyze, with the development of the Internet, the rapid development of e-commerce, moon cake buy online shopping behavior has become an irreversible trend. From the two key words on the geographical distribution of the search, moon cake buy search requests concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, three, you can determine the three places is also the leader in e-commerce. It seems that this tool is very interesting, if his dream of becoming a moon cake business owners, I think I should know more effectively, further promotion in which city in what period of time, if the sales of last year as a reference, but also more accurate and arrange production.

we all know different regions, different tastes of moon cake needs, such as the difference between the South and the north of China is very big. Here we look at how to use the Google AdWords tools to achieve geographical choice. After testing, I found that Google can be in accordance with national, provincial, city, and even smaller, more precise geographical launch, so that targeted advertising. Different regional consumption levels, such as students’ consumption ability is low, high quality and inexpensive cakes by students off, then you can choose the "Tsinghua University" for the advertising center, 3 km radius for advertising, in the low-end moon cake promotion; in the same business focused CBD, can promote the high-end Haagen Dazs moon cake. This tool is really powerful.


network is available 24 hours online, so different products can come at a different time for accurate delivery? For example, should buy the keyword "moon group purchase" in what period of time? The day or night? Weekday or weekend? I found a Google time put the tools in the toolbox from Monday to Sunday, fine each time can be flexibly set advertising, the group purchase moon cake business users, ads should be set to work during the day, this is.