Micro business has a big bubble, but China’s electricity supplier structure is being reshaped

Abstract: if the chaos and barbaric growth constitutes a derivative of foam, then in a bubble, another force changing business and even the retail sector is continuing to pattern. Zhang Dafa is a typical micro business before the seller has a shop in Taobao, Jingdong, Tmall and pat, to micro business, his feelings of "self release", is also a sales channel in a shop show, one on the brush face survival, which implies a path of business the evolution of Zhang Dafa, it is summed up in 1 and 2 times the electricity supplier electricity supplier.


micro business from the beginning, has been accompanied by controversy.

in 2011, a group of overseas purchasing people are keen to find WeChat is a "treasure house": zero cost promotion, more convenient communication, you can also send text…… Quickly transferred the battlefield from Taobao. July 9, 2013, WeChat launched the payment function, in 2014 set off a circle of friends to sell WeChat mask tide.

derivative of the initial outbreak, have adopted similar pyramid layers proxy mode — through the formation of WeChat group, with the red provoking group of active degree, then the group of friends is a better vision of the day into the daughter of brainwashing, let them order, because unable to control supply and demand, the majority of the group of friends in a huge backlog the goods, goods found is not as it advocated selling, then modeled on reconstruction group, re distribution…… From the total generation to the first agent, two agents, three agents, the level of agents in the four…… Up to level nine. For a time, sellers and wealth information full of a lot of people circle of friends. In July 2015, a statistical data show that Analysys International, Chinese micro business employees has reached about 10000000 people.

from March 2014 officially cosmetics derivative Si Bu group, said that in November the water has reached about 2000000000 yuan, then they won the 2015 CCTV Spring Festival New Year set advertising sixth position to 25 million 10 thousand yuan, but also indirectly proved that micro business is to make money fast enough.

but by 2015, the situation began to reverse. WeChat users began to circle of friends in the flood of marketing advertising can not be tolerated, the lowest level of agents also suddenly realized that he is not a micro business, but the last pick up the disk". To mask micro business as an example, the category of production of low threshold, blind production plus no organization, led to the need for more than, in the micro business forum in July 22nd this year Chinese Internet Conference, a speaker said that mask the stock market small workshops produced already need five or six years to consume.

support micro channel providers and marketing system began to collapse.

February 15, 2015, Tencent released on the rectification of illegal distribution mode behavior announcement, which is regarded as the first time WeChat official with the nature of the micro channel operators to make a statement. For users to carry out the development of the use of the WeChat account in the public account of the chain of offline distribution behavior, WeChat think this