Crazy electricity providers how long your money can burn

online shopping, if it is to hear this word in 10 years ago, what do you think, look at today’s e-commerce website you see, more and more enterprises have joined the ranks, but one thing is undeniable that e-commerce is an inevitable trend, we first look at this in recent years the development of electronic commerce:


from the above we can see that the growth rate of e-commerce is very impressive, this is because everyone saw a piece of the market, to occupy a space for one person own, from to Jingdong from the mall, VANCL to, take a look at our traditional offline industry,, Gome Electrical mall, even the retail giant WAL-MART is also preparing to occupy the China business market, the land of electronic commerce as can be imagined how fertile.

Ma founded in 2003 at the beginning of the, mainly C2C (person to person), by virtue of the low prices quickly a country, and turnover also constantly refresh, but as an industry has been recognized by the community when, won’t let you alone, followed by the rapid rise of Jingdong and store, their business model is B2C (business to consumer), thus avoiding the that unnecessary disputes, because is a platform that everyone has the opportunity to participate, many sellers are so personal. It is difficult to guarantee the customer service service, it will have a high rate of complaints, users continue to buy fakes, Ma has spent $one hundred million to fake, but It doesn’t help the situation. later thought. The integration of large sellers using B2C business model, which is equivalent to the previous transformation of a free market into a regular store, in order to thoroughly before from the free market, in the last year has also changed its name to Tmall mall type. So Ma and other electricity providers giant back to the same starting line, but the advantage is still there, his group of users is relatively wide, his Baidu index is high, so far his turnover is a single large.

let’s take a look at the Jingdong mall, an appliance started B2C enterprise, founded earlier, but to nearly two years of rapid rise, first payment platform is Alipay, but Alipay because the rate is relatively high, Liu Qiangdong finally decided to abandon, the money benefits to consumers. In order to be able to achieve better publicity, Liu Qiangdong personally even when the courier delivery for the user, to achieve a live advertising effect. Jingdong turnover also doubled and doubled, and this time Li Guoqing does not sit, the Jingdong of the Great Wall as their direct competitors, not only online price war, and the war has been extended to slobber war between the two sides. When the Jingdong completed the second round of financing, Li Guoqing also quickly completed his also not resigned to playing second fiddle to a new round of financing, even has been listed in the United states.