Network network Grote power run run of the ShangHai Railway Station muddy

news August 29th, 2016 season run Mud Run third muddy station on the weekend (August 27th -28) held in Shanghai lake, ecological network network Grote Gloryt teamed up with the ultimate challenge of beer’s sporting passion to join, to help transfer the spirit of sports. Represents the fiery competitive spirit and the ultimate challenge game Grote passion collision, the strength of the release

beer brand charm!


network network Grote Gloryt help out 2016 ShangHai Railway Station muddy race

according to the organizers, the muddy run ShangHai Railway Station attracted a total of more than 4000 sports enthusiasts to participate in the registration, creating the largest event in the history of the history of the mud race, the largest number of entries recorded. The game is located in Shanghai Lake were set up 8 kilometers of 30 points, in the muddy steeplechase, players strength, flexibility and endurance, speed and other comprehensive physical quality has been a great challenge, courage and spirit of solidarity and test players.


game players and Grote beer passion interaction

as the current domestic and imported beer market in the most representative of the sports spirit ecological beer, advocated "lattice root glory", "conquer", "Crazy", "brilliant" competitive spirit and the spirit of challenge on behalf of the muddy run agree without prior without previous consultation. Always interested in sports marketing in the summer to himself. The fiery Super League, European Cup, super hot events released a series of brand marketing potential, and then to the "ecological" strength to conquer the rage, muddy run series of events, the second half of the year will help many of the races, the witness muddy race passion.


players drink Grote beer

run Shanghai Dishui Lake Race in the mud, grut and network network players staged crazy interaction, to conquer domestic zest and strong alcohol de beer taste strength to the contestants, attracted players inside and outside the stadium hooked! Prizes and welfare after the end of the game the more lucrative contestants fully felt from the "ecological" grut enthusiasm, limit

miracle triggered at any moment!


large canopy prizes and welfare for Georgia

rich for the players

this year, imported beer sales and sales in the domestic market all the way up, the data show that in 2016 1-7 months, China imported 37.5121 liters of beer, an increase of 26.8%. Indeed, this summer to network network Groot Gloryt as the representative of the imported beer with authentic taste, differences of brand personality, more and more Chinese people to conquer. From the Dalian Beer Festival detonated offline sales, online platform to continue selling Jingdong remarkable. Net >