The 6 major electricity supplier platform listed Qi Biao dividend declared the end of season

[Abstract] years later, when Liu Qiangdong reviewed the "business annals", will think of 2014 he went to the United States when the NASDAQ bell far away in the morning.

electricity supplier in the history of no more than 2014 years should be remembered, at least until now is this:, the Jingdong in this year have landed in the U.S. capital market. Up to now, there have been six domestic B2C electricity supplier companies round the listing dream". And at the back of the million people watched and look at fiercely as a tiger does, the electricity supplier, the Milky Way battleship "Alibaba, soon surfaced.

compared to 5 years ago, Mcglaughlin’s first electricity supplier shares weak, Jingdong, Alibaba all round shouldered and menacing. In the eyes of investors, they are the last wave of platform story fruit, is the golden period, rising tide darling, but also behind the cliff – six companies, more than half of the profit is an indisputable fact.

this can not help but let the industry heart doubts: after the success of the listing, whether the platform electricity supplier in order to continue to tell the story in the two market, and allow businesses to contribute more profits?

said the harvest began

platform story

what is the best time? Billion state power network is a rough calculation, the seven listed companies (including Alibaba) of the total market value of close to $200 billion, which is almost a can into Silicon Valley and wantonly "legion". Just take charge as chief of Alibaba, its market value is expected to exceed Facebook.

what was the worst of times? Achieves guku million, the platform model to emulate chase like a swarm of bees, have already died. Even in the six listed companies, still half of the struggling in the loss. Yesterday the listing of Jingdong as an example, the prospectus disclosure of financial data show that in 2013 the annual net loss of $8 million in the first quarter of 2014, net loss has reached 5 billion 290 million yuan. The main reason for the loss of Q1, one of the founders of Liu Qiangdong’s equity incentive, two of the value of the redemption of preference shares generated about $1 billion 494 million in spending. This side also reflects the majority of platform capital redemption period is approaching, the loss intensified, forcing the electricity supplier listed financing.


billion state power network accounting this six listed companies in 2013 earnings, the cumulative create $72 billion 800 million in revenue at the same time, the overall total profit of only $29 million. Even the annual profit of, its net interest rate was only 3%.

obviously, platform model is becoming a listed company a "the emperor’s new clothes", it not only bring more profit space, on the contrary, in the past few years, the electricity supplier in novel, the homogenization of competition, price war, falling out of a force platform without integrity, no bottom line to the arc. In the eyes of investors, the story of the platform electricity supplier has come to an end, the profit of listed companies, the capital market will be punitive counterattack. was Binghuo >