CNNC director Mao Wei CN domain number to 10 million reasonable

          the afternoon of March 7th, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced that from today until May 31st, CN domain name registration price will be reduced to 1 yuan, CNNIC director Mao Wei said, Chinese users have 137 million Internet users, the domain name CN number should reach 10 million or more reasonable, this activity is expected to grow rapidly CN will prompt users.

after the CN domain name registration price is about dozens of yuan to one hundred yuan, the event suddenly dropped to 1 yuan, almost equal to the free. With the price of CN domain, known as the "corn worm" domain name traders have started a lot of registered CN domain name, CNNIC said, this phenomenon can not stop, but CNNIC’s original intention is to allow more users to experience the CN domain name.

Mao Wei said he hopes more users to experience the CN domain name in the event. According to the data provided by the network, 12 noon, CN domain name registration price dropped to 1 yuan, to 5 pm CN new registration number has more than 10 thousand, is 10 times more than usual.

7 pm, the Ministry of information industry, the State Council Information Office, the State Council Information Office, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other government agencies are present at the conference, attaches great importance to. Insiders said that CNNIC’s efforts to promote this is very large, CNNIC is expected to be within the CN domain registration number reached 3 million this year, more than COM domain name. March 7th afternoon, Mao Wei did not predict the effect of the event, he said the number of registration is difficult to predict, CNNIC will be assessed after the end of the event, does not rule out the possibility of extending the price cuts.

according to the January 23rd release of the nineteenth China Internet development statistics report shows that China has CN domain name 1 million 800 thousand, COM domain name, CNNIC. Mao Wei said that the number of CN domain names currently Chinese every 10 thousand users have only 131, while Germany, Holland, Britain, the corresponding figures were 3353, 2027, 1870, Mao Wei believes that the popularity of the CN domain name rate is still relatively low, the number should reach above 10 million was reasonable. Mao Wei even expressed the hope that the CN domain name to become the world’s most users, the most influential domain name.

but the price activity is limited to new CN domain name registration, renewal will continue in accordance with the original price, Mao Wei admitted that the future renewal to restore the original price there may be loss of users, but he said the next CNNIC will also be combined with the domain name registrar, Internet service providers and other companies launched a series of related network services, makes it easier for users to set up a website experience, CN domain name advantage to attract customers.