SNS e-commerce from the happy network to escape

news, because tired of getting up and doing "in the depth of night the thief to steal food," endless "happy life" to vote, many fans happy hardcore chose to taste the "happy" career, or just to find opportunities to earn a little money, they began to sell their own happy in the account. The Internet at the same time, the Alibaba group to network communication on-line done e-commerce SNS layout.

often say "you sing, I left the stage, part of the user for the number of users reached tens of millions of happy net position may be temporarily not damaged, but the hidden danger has caused SNS service providers who alert. Your happy net station SNS high popularity, in order to enhance the interactive experience of users, B2B e-commerce station with Feng Nong from the e-commerce SNS, the so-called so SNS e-commerce can also apply the concept of SNS also play fast, SNS e-commerce users vote, whether it can withstand the test of time, how to end numerology, should now only draw more than a few question marks, after all, SNS e-commerce has just begun.


happy network general manager in the face of "user escape" phenomenon is a response to the "happy net" is not a game, but I’m afraid the fact already proved that Kaixin SNS station has already been a large number of Internet users is equivalent to the network game, the reason why it is popular there is netizens escapism, ease the pressure vanity good game tools, but also prone to addiction, otherwise, would not be so fantastic that all sorts of rumors, such as the alarm clock at night up to "steal food", make enemies even steal final relatives of divorce are, if not the game addiction, how to know the reality of farce. Of course, happy net mass users mainly from the use of QQ and MSN IM tools such as viral marketing, many of these IM friends or friends, usually interacts with these same friends, happy net itself does not widen the scope of social, accurate, SNS station is only a transfer of social network the game, which is just to meet the usual want to and dare not to do, which is why SNS has even launched a variety of reasons to see station game.

it is SNS station game entertainment, or the ultimate nature of web game is SNS, it can not be denied is that since the emergence of SNS, it has a close relationship with the network game, and now the SNS electronic commerce, network game is a little more or a little more, e-commerce, will inevitably become tangled key the first ring.

Electronic commerce SNS contacts

Alibaba, based on the number of users of all products of Alibaba group, as long as the registered members, automatic configuration, the absolute number of users is certainly more than all previous SNS station, but is in addition to the original user, how many people will be directed solely through the network to become Alibaba members when? Social games in the Internet or SNS, network communication certainly will not be their first choice, after all, happy net.