Chinese electricity supplier in Russia burst red last year, 50 million orders

in 2014 the Russian people in China shop under about 50 million orders, an increase of 40% over the previous year. Among them, the total sales of Alibaba group in Russia reached 110 billion rubles. At the same time, the United States in 2010 to enter the United States online business is stagnant.

December 2013 New Year’s Eve, the image of Russian children’s hand painted Santa Claus is a Chinese old man". This is mainly because of their Christmas gifts and daily clothes are mostly purchased from China’s electricity supplier platform.

according to foreign media reports, the Russians in recent years have begun to choose the way of online shopping, from overseas to buy smart phones, jewelry and fashion apparel. The Chinese electricity supplier is the largest channel.


group’s aliexpress (AliExpress) is currently Russia’s most popular and largest shopping website, ranked App download list, a daily average of several one hundred thousand parcels from the China to russia. Jingdong group in June this year to enter the Russian market.

Why Chinese electricity supplier

popular Russia?

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only in July of this year, the Russians in the global fast selling order a number of 22 million, Jingdong daily turnover of about 300 thousand

in order to find cheap goods, more and more Russian consumers began to choose online shopping

Russians for clothing, jewelry, electronic products, traditional demand continues to increase, the number of commodity trading is also increasing by

according to the survey company TNS statistics show that in July this year, the Russians in the global fast selling on the number of orders reached 22 million, an increase of 40% over the same period last year. In June this year to enter the Russian market, Jingdong group in Russia also showed a surge in sales. Jingdong group international business stakeholders earlier in an interview with Bloomberg said: "Chinese domestic average daily volume of 3 million, the Russian market size of only 10% China, so the maximum daily volume should be 300 thousand."

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, Russia’s second largest payment company Yandex.Money CEO Maria · Gura Chief said: "in order to find the cheapest goods to the extent possible, more and more Russian consumers choose online shopping. China’s electricity supplier to provide affordable goods, very popular with Russian consumers."

according to East West Digital News reported that a total of 80 million Russian Internet users, is the largest Internet market in europe. But the real online shopping users accounted for only 1/3 of Internet users, far lower than the United States and Western Europe, the proportion of 70% to 90%. Jingdong group, the official said: so far, we are still trying. Expect strong growth from October to December."

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