How do nternet plus community service traditional business and emerging business together


capital market makes people see the huge potential of innovation and development of community services, community service industry has become one of the focus of this year’s commercial development in Beijing. Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce in this year’s work report pointed out that strengthening the electricity supplier and traditional retail together, to promote the integration of online and offline development, and will explore the one-stop service outlets, expand in the "one quarter community service circle range at the same time, continue to improve the agricultural product retail outlets construction.

community O2O

traditional business and emerging electricity providers jointly

The rise of

community service class O2O project has become a new engine of social development. Municipal Commission of Commerce in this year’s work report pointed out that the future will strengthen the electricity supplier and traditional retail together to promote the transformation of traditional industries to the Internet thinking, to promote the integration of online and offline development.

traditional retail and electricity providers have moved from competition to co opetition. The day before, Chaoyang joy and Baidu takeaway cooperation, become the capital’s first delivery service platform docking and network shopping center. In Chaoyang joy is responsible for the relevant people, in cooperation with the electricity supplier derived from a new and unique business model, catering O2O is the first step in Chaoyang joy the extension of the industrial chain, the future will be for the community O2O Shopping Mall once again leap.

for the electricity supplier companies, including Jingdong, including electricity supplier companies have seen the great potential of the community O2O market. The day before the Jingdong on-line O2O community service project — take home, home, home, takeaway supermarket offers flowers home three service. Jingdong said, took home the future will further integrate all kinds of O2O life category, providing one-stop home service.

flow through subsidies to become an important means of promoting the current O2O project. In the view of quick and easy repair CEO Wang Zhengkun, this means is not for a long time, for the O2O professional segments, only has the advantage in the core business of the project in order to survive.

convenience store

explore one-stop service

work report pointed out that this year, Beijing will be in the center of the city to cultivate 10 new convenience meals, laundry collection, payment terminals and other functions of the chain convenience store model. At the same time, Beijing will also speed up the convenience of the breakfast service system, the construction of convenience stores with breakfast service 40.

includes laundry, payment, catering business has been the direction of the development of convenience stores. After the test the water business community hey SF passenger convenience services into the market through bianyu. But insiders admitted that, as the market recognized by the food and beverage services, due to the impact of policy, the new convenience store can not provide. It is understood that, in order to solve the food problem, Rosen even at the convenience store side to open a restaurant, and then use the open and convenience store.

rapid expansion of the market to seize the convenience store brand development. >