Senior for not liking the work, from the network source, a monthly income of 20 thousand

first saw Wan Xintao, a childish face, simply can not see that he is a young man of 87 years, more like a high school student. Last year, when senior job hiring units often run into a wall, that he had no work experience, take him away. His joke, probably because the reason seems relatively small. Soon stay at home for more than a month, the students have found the internship unit. He is very anxious, in the student’s suggestion, he started the Taobao shop. From the registration opened, shop decoration, looking for sources of goods. Could be in full swing, after half a month to the Taobao store finally opened, selling men’s sports shoes, I said why choose sports shoes? He said love playing basketball at school, we have to wear sports shoes, to choose their own love of goods shop, more confident. Can be opened and not as easy as he imagined, half a month later, on the transaction a few single, these are also a few students to buy, do not make money, but also lost the freight. Then the thought of promotion, he said Taobao promotion is a burn things, we have a new popularity, then promotion is of no use. Had to brush sales, but the brush sales were seized by Taobao, it seems that he is not so easy to open a Taobao store.

just graduated not what money, 5000 yuan venture capital to the parents spent nearly half, which embarrassed with my family to open shop open? Taobao spent one thousand yuan, and three thousand yuan is not enough Taobao promotion. He was thinking of. He often goes to the shopping network source, the network source he saw the dazzling advertisements everywhere, is to supply Taobao sellers of businesses. He whim, now Taobao so much, so many people shop, many people find sources. Why don’t I also do a supply platform for suppliers and Taobao sellers a direct exchange of the platform to do it, the use of his school learning network technology, and soon a source network set up. Also registered means to find sources. Is a professional clothing supply network. He said at the beginning of confidence, from dawn to dusk every day looking for businesses, and then he added, spent more than a month’s time, adding more than 2 thousand domestic size suppliers. The site is good, but no one to see! Look at the people in front of the site in front of the Baidu, his network is not the first 100 pages. He taught himself to optimize Baidu promotion, commonly known as SEO. He every day on the Internet to find relevant information, how to enhance the ranking of Baidu. Because Baidu ranked the former, it means that the site was visited, someone will be able to make money advertising. How can I do it, it takes a long time to accumulate SEO. Every day he would find a web site links, and then to the major sites advertising. But the effect is not ideal, there is a popular website is not willing to link with him, to the site advertising is often deleted. So toss for three months, an ad has not received. Later, he contacted the seller through the vendor on the site. If the deal, he will take a certain intermediary fee. Web site for fourth months, he received the first $600 website revenue, he said at this time, but also very excited. Later, he thought it was the right way