How to improve the Google Adsense ad click rate

how to improve the conventional Google Adsense ad click rate?

click rate is generally more reasonable 1-5%, if too low, it is not worthwhile, you can "adjust" click rate, so that Google will pay more.

1 if you click rate of 0.1-0.3%, you can consider reducing the number of advertising display.
2 using image ads, get people to click. People like to point to the picture, in the Google Adsense code inside, add google_ad_type = " text_image" (text or picture)
3 ads on the top of the page. Of course, will affect the speed, would rather a little income, but also to let everyone a little faster, so put the following.
4 in the only way to place ads. If you are a software download, download the link on the placement of advertising, remember to move closer, even

Do not use

. Hey, this poison! According to incomplete statistics, the mouse is not good, click on the slide to lead to advertising on the probability is above 30%
1-5% is refreshed every 100 people, but the best is IP.
google ads are not English, there are a lot of chinese. Google ads are specific to the current page. Of course, the price of English advertising is the Chinese 4-10 times, so many webmasters are trying to make English advertising. (people can control, hehe)
refresh 10 thousand times are not many thing, can put ads on other sites on their own, this is allowed by google. Hundreds of thousands of times every day to refresh to earn 20 to 50 dollars.