CCTV play electricity supplier! Discovery tour launched food electricity supplier found GO

[Abstract] found that GO does not go big and whole "auditions platform", the flagship boutique concept.

found GO website screenshot

Tencent technology month on October 16th reported

today, CCTV CCTV discovery tour channel in Xinjiang Akesu fruit Expo Center announced the official launch of the online food business platform – found GO website.

found GO website by CCTV discovery channel launched, discovery trip to Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. founded the website planning is the CCTV gold producer, the electricity supplier platform positioning is the health and safety of food and food ingredients green everywhere, including native.

it is understood that the CCTV combined with the dozens of local TV stations jointly launched a business platform, desire out of the "new play TV +".

found GO website planning time, said the electricity supplier platform, the main health and safety products, and the establishment of food supervision and audit system. This time, I personally served as chief food site supervisor, and combined across more than 3 thousand local TV reporters and local governments, the media and the credibility of the government backing, and strive to achieve zero risk food consumption "".

is worth mentioning is that the "GO" website and general business platform, which is not to go big and whole "auditions platform", the flagship boutique concept.

currently, Xinjiang administrative region of Akesu has found the GO website as Akesu sugar apple, red dates, walnuts and other products of the dealer network, and reached a strategic cooperation.

previously, CCTV has also launched a high-profile CCTV network mall layout of the electricity supplier, enabling domain name, and this is the line of food electricity supplier, which means that the pace of further push electricity supplier.

however, at present, the domestic electricity supplier in the field of food has been COFCO’s I bought net and shop No. 1 opponents, predictably, with CCTV’s intrusion, the breakdown of the electricity supplier industry will usher in a new round of competition.