E-commerce speculation Alibaba may acquire eBay

earlier this year, Alibaba CEO Ma said that in order to help attract small North American companies to export goods to China, Alibaba is seeking partners in the United states.

Ma Yun said that Alibaba is exploring cooperation with Google, eBay, YAHOO and Microsoft and other companies. Ma led by Alibaba executives at the beginning of the line in the United States visited two weeks. Ma Yun said: "it is too early to talk about what kind of agreement is reached, but I believe we will reach an agreement." Good buy. Www.allgobuy.com had predicted Alibaba possible with Google or eBay cooperation, to develop overseas market.

Ma’s move is aimed at foreign markets to further expand overseas markets to lay the foundation, may expand an overseas acquisition, does not rule out the acquisition of some large e-commerce companies to obtain market share. At present, Alibaba in the country are launching a number of large-scale acquisitions, the entire e-commerce chain penetration, and strive to integrate the entire customer resources, customers can solve a series of e-commerce issues. The acquisition includes web infrastructure providers and Chinese million net, set up a new Alibaba cloud computing company, all that Alibaba are changing to develop in depth, for the realization of the second ten year development goals.

Ma Yun said the Chinese government’s $585 billion stimulus package is creating opportunities in the domestic market, which will stimulate infrastructure spending and other projects in rural areas.

to attract new users, Alibaba will this year’s foreign marketing budget increased to $30 million. Its B2B market currently has 1 million U.S. users.

eBay CEO John · (John Donahoe) said the agreement reached an open attitude with Alibaba. Donaho said: Alibaba’s payment system AliPay in the field of domestic payment in China is running well, our Paypal payment system in the field of domestic and foreign payment is running well. In time, AliPay can be integrated with the PayPal platform." EBay has said it is possible to sell Paypal business alone, similar to Skype, to get the maximum profit. This also created an opportunity for Alibaba, because the biggest obstacle to the current Alibaba is receivables, Alipay is still unable to support overseas payment and collection business. But PayPal has been able to pay and collect in most countries around the world, but also has hundreds of millions of members, is the world’s most popular payment tools. If Alibaba can acquire PayPal, then Taobao will undoubtedly be the biggest beneficiaries, Taobao will go to the world, China’s hundreds of millions of sellers will be made-in-China products to the world, will create hundreds of millions of jobs. China’s unique product and price advantage will fill every corner of the world, the combination of Taobao and paypal