Acres of land behind the data fraud due to fast death

[Reuters] a mu billion state power what is an agricultural trading site, or a single brush? Recently from the official public response, data fraud, exaggerated performance behavior the truth surfaced step by step. And with all this, and even the Internet is the business look up to as the standard but not fast breaking law seems to decline gradually.

staff because of brush away the wrong


in the event of an acre of land layoffs, from a legal point of view, an acre of land itself is not wrong. An acre of land in accordance with the provisions of the company (under the provisions of the attachment), the brush staff to make a dismissal. In the eyes of a mu of farmland, the repaying its ruling the employees have to brush one’s sin, is caused by the culprit in an acre of land data exaggerated.

Pay attention to

billion state power network view an acre of land "Employee Handbook", a performance incentives note, a clear classification of assessment. Among them, the proportion of unqualified guarantee in 5%-10%. Among them, the two was assessed as unqualified, the staff will work with managers to develop performance improvement, and in accordance with the results of the performance improvement, to retain jobs, transfer or dismissal.

an acre of land in the policy formulation for the flow of personnel and adjust the space left, which belongs to the normal management. Any company will ensure the staff turnover rate, in order to return performance or value not qualified employees, and the introduction of fresh blood." A person familiar with an acre of land on the management system of an acre of land expressed recognition.

storm so big, not because of layoffs, but because of the number of layoffs and a number of redundant." Insiders pointed out.

but in an acre of farmland before and after the two official statement, and indeed exposed the root problem: data fraud. A through email to billion state power network broke the news staff told: "ironic. I remember in July, an acre of land held a special conference, published data justify their data no fraud, every day 300 million is true, but today is open to all employees by fraud, it is his face ah, playing really loud."

Part of the transaction data of

in July this year, an acre of land site shows being questioned, insiders pointed out that these data may be the existence of fraud, such as "6 hours before the boss Liu purchased 999.999 tons of peach", "9 hours before the boss purchased 1073741.8235 tons of onions". In this regard, there were a lot of Internet cafes on an acre of land in support of the "no problem".

July 30th, billion state power network and attended a field of communication. At the meeting, a field of expression "he is being wronged," said a lot of data show the foreground and background are different, and said that although part of the turnover of some "strange", but the dynamic data no problem: the monthly turnover has reached 10 billion yuan, daily turnover actually exceeded three hundred million yuan, has 2 million 300 thousand users among them, the purchaser is about 200 thousand.

has only gone for 1 months, insisting that the data is true