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electric generously to the disaster area to help social welfare responsibility

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to the fierce competition in the industry or the electricity supplier war, far more than the earthquake to bring the pain, the earthquake came very suddenly, and the first family compatriots to the victims expressed concern and sympathy. It is gratifying that the majority of domestic enterprises have a sense of social responsibility, in recent years, more and more keen on public welfare enterprises, especially in the Internet industry enterprises.

below is part of the electricity supplier industry’s contribution figures to date:

Tencent: the first donation of 5 million yuan;

Alibaba: the first donation of 5 million yuan;

Suning: donations 5 million yuan in cash, $2 million relief supplies;

Gome: 2 million yuan relief supplies;

Jingdong: the first batch of relief supplies donated 2 million yuan, the second batch of donated 300 tents, 4000 of masks, 150 professional flashlight, insulation Cup, 500;

donated 2 million yuan in cash: VANCL 20 thousand service charge;

1 shop: donated 1 million yuan relief supplies;

: donated 10000 boxes of mineral water and 5000 boxes of wafers; donate ten thousand pairs of shoes.

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attention when Yi Xun, Gome and Suning several wars, no one was actually quite the brunt of Dangdang and Jingdong Free Ebook war, at Jingdong, 17 to 19 days for most other free ebook download, attract users panic buying and download; Jingdong quickly response, rushed to the line on the 50 thousand ebook free download for users. This book the war is too sudden, Dangdang attack and Jingdong called Amazon with a seamless heavenly robe, 2 book marketing is relatively heavy in electronic electricity supplier icebreaking electricity supplier in the war, it yijuduode.

battle: fast and easy to cut the price of Gome Suning always benefit


the last week of April, next week will usher in a short holiday big promotion, this week, the electricity supplier war three protagonist’s reaction is not expected to be fierce, the actual situation of the war with the economy, the final battle in may. Fast and easy to a three, again initiated the price, within a week of nearly 5000 product sales price reached 60 thousand cumulative; Suning tit for tat, starting in April 18th, online and offline interaction, also launched an online mall and other real-time price promotion strategy; this week the biggest winner is not the United States, 418 anniversary on the cumulative sales of more than 250 million yuan, a record of the highest single day sales record of Gome online.

true and false price war continues, the parties are benefiting, no >