Xu Deng how to play a swollen face fat

wrote an article "Xu Deng: electronic commerce need is hatno cattle", then how to write the hatno cattle, the rich can float. Why bluffing? You are thin, consumers will not buy your account.

1 with celebrities.

observation of those products on the network (service), how much is the real star endorsement, rich star, why didn’t the money shop on the ground? You get some Hong Kong star, who knows is true. If you have money, you can get a famous person in the industry.

2 looking for brick home.

The usual means of

TV advertising. Casually looking for someone to make a photo, the United States and its reputation, said: China XX research institute or XX doctoral students, domestic celebrities, etc..

3 borrowing mechanism.

beauty agencies and companies to sell cosmetics, which will be better? Manufacturers and agents to sell things are obviously different. Good institutions can make consumers feel professional, cheaper, more secure service.

4 review.

1>. In the station commodity comment

can control their own content, there is no comment better than the comments, at least it can be explained that some people have purchased, consumers are reluctant to do the first attempt.

2>. Station comment

prepared hundreds of Baidu, Sina, Qihoo, Sogou quiz platform account. Ask yourself the answer, let the Internet full of information, how to ask questions, you can search within the industry of the well-known products (and not necessarily online sales of products), see others how customer questions, you can replace the product name.

5 net purchase.

network can be purchased on the Internet, there is nothing really serious. Customers know that we have a network to buy the store, concerns a lot of consumer. Can be said to the customer: Shanghai stores, expensive Beijing is planning the store. The customer persuasion, online shopping gift, lower prices, the stubborn customers are moved, unless people act


6 explosive sales

In fact,

and fourth left to comment about the same, you can write on their own platform, or on the network deliberately write soft.

here is not to teach you how to deceive consumers, but here are some marketing strategies. Here are just a few suggestions for just entering e-commerce. Transactions to letter led, in the early lack of funds and resources, and sometimes have to do so. The cost of acquiring a new customer is far greater than retaining an old customer.

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